Spring Sensations

Late March through early June offers a majestic shift from winter's whites to verdant growth. As winter fades into our memories and the scents of earth and life fill our senses, there is only one thing left to do. Breath deep and grin. It's an invigorating time to be in Vermont.

sap to

Sugaring Season

When asked about her success, Vermont's own two-time Olympic Medal Winner Hannah Teter says, "It's the syrup, baby!" We couldn't agree more.


Road & Mountain Biking

Vermont rocks when it comes to the challenge and fun of mountain biking! Road biking is a much-revered sport, as touring the state is stunning and easily managed. Inn and scenic villages make for idyllic rest breaks along the way.

meet a local producer

Get to Know Your Producer

Visiting a local farm stand or pick your own is a simple, beautiful way to buy your produce.

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A Bundle is Always a Better Value

In Vermont, there's so much to enjoy — take a peek at these select packages we've hand picked for you.

Grand Point North Event

Events Calendar

When you find an event, add it to your favorites for easy planning.