Vermont is Very Much Open


Adventure Seeker


There is no rush like skiing down a steep slope at high speed, hanging off a sailboat in rapid winds or mountain biking in the Green Mountains.
Mac Janney, a development coordinator for a Vermont nonprofit who is visually impaired, enjoys these experiences daily and takes advantage of a number of services and programs throughout the state of Vermont.

Janney likes to ski, sail, tandem bike, hike, and occasionally rock climb. He spends a great deal of time at Pico Mountain, Sugarbush and Bolton Valley. By working with trained guides and volunteers, he is able to ski confidently and boldly on open trails.

“It feels awesome to have the wind on your face,” he said. “Your other senses can tell you things that some people with vision would take for granted.”

As a development coordinator, Janney also manages grants, arranges sponsorships,  and fundraisers, and advocates to further equality for people with disabilities. He uses the latest technology, with voice output and print enhancement programs, to get work done on his computer.

Janney does not have any favorite sport in particular, but believes it’s all about finding ways to keep active, whether it is outdoors or indoors. 
“Staying active is important for everyone, especially for those with disabilities,” he said. “Vermont is uniquely accessible, because it offers adaptive programs that create ways for everyone to participate in recreation.  And they’re available all year round.”

Janney also appreciates the convenience and accessibility of Vermont’s public transportation systems, which allow him to accomplish daily activities. With buses running all over the state, he can get just about anywhere he needs to go—including his favorite places to recreate.   Bike paths, state parks, lakes and ski resorts can also be easily reached in many towns.

“Since Vermont is a smaller state, things are more personalized here. I take the bus every day and know the drivers now. They are very accommodating and resourceful,” said Janney.