Fall For Vermont-Made

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The harvest season is a wonderful time to enjoy the bounty of Vermont. As you plan, let these resources whet your appetite for all Vermont has to offer. From delicious local food to craft beverages that tell a story and unique gifts that celebrate the majesty of a Vermont fall, Vermont-made products will elevate any home, kitchen or traveling experience. Events and offerings centered around Vermont maple syrup abound this month as part of the Maple 100 festivities, including Vermont beer with a maple twist, and there’s no better way to enjoy the flavors of Vermont than classic Green Mountain wine and cheese pairings. Explore Vermont-made this fall and experience the season.

Fall in Vermont - close up of changing leaves

Farm Fresh in the Fall

Vermont's farm-fresh produce and local food hits the spot during harvest season. Learn more about where your food comes from and whet your appetite for Vermont.

The Maple 100 - Vermont


Find maple-centered events, shop deals, and find lodging packages from September 15th - October 15th as you plan to enjoy Maple 100 in the fall.


Fall Into The Arts

Vermont delivers arts and history in spades. There's always more to see and do, and always a new side of our beautiful state to discover. Fall for Vermont art on a stage set by nature.


Covered Bridges

Vermont is home to more than 100 covered bridges, boasting more covered bridges per square mile than any other U.S state. They offer unique opportunities for exploration.

Whitcombs Land of Pumpkins and Corn Maze

Favorite Fall Activities for the Whole Family

A Vermont fall offers something to enjoy for the whole family, from pick-your-own orchards to delicious doughnuts and seasonal treats to exploring a Vermont corn maze.

Vermont crackers and jam

Made in Vermont

Vermont’s products offer the best of Green Mountain makers’ innovation and creativity. Explore our directory of Vermont businesses.