Vermont Total Solar Eclipse Guide

As you plan your visit to Vermont for the 2024 total solar eclipse, immerse yourself in this rare natural phenomenon. Read about Vermont’s last eclipse, get to know some of the state’s prominent meteorologists and astronomers, and find ways to round out your spring visit.

Q&A on How to View the Total Solar Eclipse in Vermont

On April 8, 2024, the stars and the moon will align over Vermont to create a total solar eclipse. These questions break down what it will be like, where to see the eclipse, and how to stay safe.

What to See, Do, and Eat Within Vermont’s Path of Totality

Use these guides, featuring things to do in towns that are within the path of totality, as you plan your visit. From dining to attractions and ideas to expand your trip to include the weekend through Tuesday, these tips will help you fill your plate.

Meet Vermont Meteorologist Mark Breen

Mark Breen is a household name in Vermont with his “Eye on the Sky” radio meteorology program. He’ll have a starring role in the Sun+Moon+YOU festivities for the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse at Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium, the state’s only public planetarium.

This Sundial Only Tells Time During Eclipses

After an 11-year career in medicine, Burlington doctor Bill Gottesman retired and pursued an interest in mechanics. His latest construction is a sundial that only tells time during solar eclipses. Learn about how it works and where to download it for yourself.

Stuck in Vermont for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse?

Since 2007, Seven Days senior multimedia producer Eva Sollberger has been venturing out into the Green Mountain State to film episodes of her award-winning video series, "Stuck in Vermont." Dive into the archives of “Stuck in Vermont” to see what springtime is like here.

Recalling the 1932 Total Solar Eclipse

Vermont’s last total solar eclipse was in 1932. Surviving members of the Pike family recall seeing that eclipse and look forward to seeing this once-in-a-lifetime event twice.

Recreating During the Eclipse Weekend

Even a once-in-a-lifetime event like a total solar eclipse doesn’t change recommendations not to hike during Vermont’s “mud season.” View from lower elevations or use these suggestions to help you plan safe ways to see it from up high.

How to Safely Observe the Solar Eclipse

Looking directly at the sun can permanently damage your eyes. The only safe way to look at the eclipse is through specially made solar filters, such as those found in eclipse glasses. Read more from Seven Days about how to safely view this rare natural phenomenon.

Author Peter Shea Guides the Way to Vermont’s Solar Eclipse

Author Peter Shea has been reading and discussing natural phenomena such as the solar eclipse since boyhood. Learn to safely view the eclipse and make the most of your experience with Shea’s tips.

Where to Find Local Eclipse-Themed Merch

From suncatchers with an optional DIY component to locally designed T-shirts, figurines, and postcards, there’s plenty of commemorative merch on offer in Vermont for the April 89, 2024 total solar eclipse. Here’s how to find some.

Artists Showcase Creativity Around Eclipse

The April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse is inspiring creativity statewide. This rundown of exhibits, pop-ups, and shows around the path of totality showcase Vermont artists’ work around this once-in-a-lifetime natural phenomenon.