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Discover Things to Do in Vermont

There are so many things to see and do in Vermont. Your days can be as full or unplanned as you like, from getting out there among mountains and valleys to dipping into historic downtowns to sample the arts and food scene. Let curiosity, wonder, and well-being be your guide.

A cross-country skier skis through snowy forest in the sunshine.
Three people with mountain bikes pause at a clearing in the woods to take in an open view of mountains.

Outdoor Recreation

While it’s easy to simply take in the scenery, Vermont’s outdoors beckons you to immerse yourself. Vermont is 70% forested, and much of that land is open to the public. Nature leads the way through the Green Mountains, whether through powdery snow, lush green forest, or the blazing colors of fall foliage. Whatever the season, outdoor recreation is accessible in many forms from paved recreation paths to adaptive guide services.

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Food & Drink

Between Vermont’s mountains and rolling hills are fertile valleys that support many dairy farmers, vegetable and fruit growers, and diversified agricultural operators. Vermont has long been a leader in championing local food and boasts breweries consistently ranked among the best in the world, award-winning artisan cheese-makers, and nationally recognized farm-to-table restaurants. Wherever you travel in Vermont, a wide selection of fresh, local food will be a staple of your vacation as you savor the true taste of the Green Mountain State.

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A person uses a pottery wheel to form clay with their hands.
A crowd at an indoor concert with bright purple light streaming from the stage.
A piece of art sits on the floor of an indoor art gallery.

Arts & Culture

Scenic drives over mountain passes and into historic villages connect museums, artisan shops, and country stores, with plenty to discover along the way. Outdoor sculpture parks and public art adorn the landscape alongside classic covered bridges. Live music fills the air at waterfront concerts, echoing through downtown streets and village greens. Natural beauty sets the stage for an inspiring Vermont vacation.

Water falls from a dam in a historic downtown in summer.
Seen from above, a road cuts through a lush green forest.


Thoughtfully curated itineraries and trip ideas offer inspiration as you embark on an unforgettable journey through the scenic beauty of the Green Mountains. Vermont, with its charming towns, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture, offers a perfect escape for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. These guides point you to the best things to do in Vermont year-round, from the stunning fall foliage, the winter wonderland of snow-covered landscapes, or the blooming beauty of spring and summer.

A crowd sits in front of an outdoor stage on a warm day.
Fireworks shoot into the sky at night sky with a reflection in water below.

Events in Vermont

Vermont beckons travelers with a vibrant tapestry of fairs, festivals, and concerts. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the state at country fairs, showcasing local craftsmanship and traditional arts. Become part of the rhythm of Vermont at outdoor concerts with mountain peaks as the backdrop and at an array of festivals celebrating everything from music and dance to the bountiful harvests of the region.

Mountain biker traverses a wooden platform winding through the woods in summer.
Two people sit on a rock at the top of a mountain and look at the view of other mountain peaks.
Seen from behind, a person cross country skis across a flat snowy area with a forest in front of them.
Seen from behind, a person looks at the view of a lake below them with the sunset in the distance.
A pattern of vertical lines in the texture of snow.
People stand at the top of a snowy mountain and look at the view of a forest below.
Three people stand with the sun behind them at a stone summit.
A boardwalk leads to a rugged mountain view in the fall.
A person cross-country skis in front of a brown lodge with smoke emerging from a chimney. 
Four people wade in shallow water at the base of a waterfall.
On the right on I-89 northbound between Williston and South Burlington.
Outdoor park sign reading Fort Dummer State Park, surrounded by trees and bushes.
A sculpture of two whales’ tails with the sun setting behind them.
Seen from behind, two people stand on a rock facing a lake on a foggy day.
Two people riding their bikes through a forest smile for the camera.
A rocky pathway leading up in a forest. The tops of the trees are dusted with snow.
Two people stand with their bikes next to a large barn on a sunny day.
A group of five people eating and drinking at an outdoor table at a ski area.
A small stone building with a green slanted roof in a forest.