Experience the Green of Summer


Leave no trace in the wilderness, set up camp at a tent site, in a lean-to, or maybe you have an RV with all the comforts of home.

Thirty-nine of the 52 Vermont State Parks offer camping. These parks have wonderful facilities, and are beautifully maintained.

In addition, Vermont has nine Green Mountain National Forest Campgrounds. These sites tend to be more rustic, providing a close-up view of Vermont's beautiful woodlands. Backwoods campers may also make camp anywhere in the Green Mountain National Forest as long as they are more than 200' from a road, trail, and water. It's suggested you contact one of the District Offices of the U. S. Forest Service beforehand.

For more details about the facilities offered by both State and private Campgrounds search the Vermont Travel Planner. For a FREE copy of the Vermont Campground Guide contact the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation at 802-241-3655 or order online.
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Sleep Beneath the Stars
Camping is a great way to spend a night (or two) in Vermont. You're outside, under the stars, and waiting on one thing - the sounds of the loons.

Find A Park
Whether you're making camping reservations, deciding on a hike or trying to find information on each park, start at the park finder.

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Cabins & Cottages

Looking to be in the country, but prefer the comfort of a bed and a roof overhead? Vermont's long list of cabins, cottages and wilderness lodges are here. Search and find your perfect match.