Winter's Playground


Vermont is a serious skiing state – with 19 alpine ski resorts, 30 cross-country touring centers and 6,090 acres of alpine terrain.  But beyond skiing and riding, there are countless ways to enjoy our pristine snow, mountains, trails and woodlands. 
winter recreation

Recreate In Winter

Winter recreation is good for the mind and spirit. Whether you're skiing well-known mountain, or snowshoeing in the middle of the woods, the calmness of winter can sooth anyone.

Haskell Opera House

Performing Arts

Vermont's performance venues host a large array of acts all winter long. From storytelling to symphonies, there's ample opportunity to be entertained.

family winter

Winter For Families

Children are quick to learn skills that will last a lifetime and to delight in vigorous activities that warm you to the core.

made in

Made In Vermont Products

Vermonters have steadily expanded upon a long tradition of creative invention and artistry channeled through a determined work ethic. Made in Vermont products make great holiday gifts.

farm fresh

Farm Fresh Even in Winter

Vermont doesn't only have freshies on-slope, check out these winter farmers markets.