Thirty-nine of the 55 Vermont State Parks offer camping. Due to COVID-19, state parks are not opening until June 26th. These parks have wonderful facilities, and are beautifully maintained. Leave no trace in the wilderness, set up camp at a lean-to, or maybe "camp out" in an RV with all the comforts of home.

Vermont also has nine Green Mountain National Forest campgrounds. These sites tend to be more rustic, providing a close-up view of Vermont's beautiful woodlands. Backwoods campers may camp anywhere in the Green Mountain National Forest as long as they are more than 200' from a road, trail, or water. It's suggested you contact one of the district offices of the U. S. Forest Service before you head out.

Mountain biking in Stowe, Vermont.

State Parks

State Parks are now open. Learn more about how Vermont State Parks are operating as the state continues to slow the spread of COVID-19.

A family enjoys their campsite right on the water.

Reserve A Campsite

Camping is a great way to spend a night (or two) in Vermont. Vermont State Parks offer a wide variety of camping experiences that will reconnect you with nature.

Find a Campground

Find A Campground

For full RV hookups, we suggest you try one of the many private RV campgrounds in Vermont. The Vermont Campground Association has an interactive campground map that is guaranteed to help you choose a campground.

Official Vermont Vacation Guide Summer 2020

Free Vermont Vacation Guide

Also available online, the Vermont Vacation Guide is filled with insider info to steer your Vermont visit in the right direction.

Camel's Hump is one of many family friendly hikes in Vermont.

5 Kid-Friendly Hikes

If you yearn for the beauty of the backcountry, but are not up for an epic day on the trail, there are many short hikes in Vermont that offer gentle backcountry adventure with a big reward at the apex.


Summer means the chance to camp at Vermont State Parks or private campgrounds across the state. Connect with the outdoors, enjoy stunning views and get some quality time in with loved ones – or just the peace of nature.