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Green Mountain State

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Vermont, U.S.A.

Exploring Vermont’s breathtaking natural beauty reveals a way of life defined by unhurried rhythms, open-minded culture, and a dynamic spirit. Rooted in distinct geographic features and time-honored traditions, Vermont is a place where a slower pace cultivates curiosity, offering the opportunity to indulge in moments of reflection, renewal, and rebalancing calm. Vermont can inspire, restore, and bring you to a whole new state.

It’s in our nature

Green Mountain culture embraces the state’s seasonal changes and the kaleidoscope of experiences they bring, from outdoor adventures to culinary delights, weaving unexpected excitement into the fabric of everyday life. Exploration at a natural pace reveals surprises in every corner. Vermont’s tranquil beauty provides the ideal backdrop for hiking through brilliant foliage, skiing down powdery slopes, or feeling the majesty of expansive vistas on scenic drives. With every step forward, Vermont’s rural landscapes and spirited downtowns offer space to reconnect with the natural world, family, and life itself.

A child taps a tree for maple in springtime.


A person looking up at a sculpture of two horses rearing up on their back legs.


A canoe sits in a still lake. Orange trees surround the lake and reflect on the water's surface.


A person looks out onto a snowy deck and forest while holding a mug in their hands.



The Long Trail Home

Vermont: As close to perfect as you’re going to get. Explore one family’s return to Vermont in their vintage Airstream with Matador Network.

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A crowd at an indoor concert with bright purple light streaming from the stage.

Vermont Events

Live music brings communities and visitors together, from concerts set against the lofty backdrop of mountain peaks to festivals pulsing with life and spilling into the streets. Fairs showcase the rich mosaic of Vermont’s agricultural heritage, while food and drink festivals introduce local producers and Green Mountain flavors. Whether you’re tapping your toes to melodies echoing through historic downtowns, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community at Pride events year-round, racing through forests and trails on foot or bike, or indulging in culinary delights, Vermont’s immersive events reflect the heart and soul of this dynamic state.

A view from above of a forest and rows of mountain peaks. The sky at the horizon is orange.
Five people sit and talk on a boat at sunset.
The view from below of a ski run on a mountain. The sky is a deep blue and the moon is visible.
A person wearing red and black flannel walks through a field smiling.
A rocky pathway leading up in a forest. The tops of the trees are dusted with snow.
A person stands facing a herd of cows on a road outside in summer.
Seen from above, a person swims in a swimming hole in a forest.
A long exposure image of a Ferris wheel at night, creating circular colored lines against a night sky.
A white dog rests its head on a log while sleeping. A person sits in a tent behind the dog.
A tent in a campsite outdoors in a forest seen from afar. It’s late summer.
A person and a dog stand at the top of a mountain looking off at a green mountain forest on a sunny day.
A person ice climbs the side of a mountain in winter.
Three people on a chairlift with mountains visible behind on a sunny day.
A person looks out over a mountain view with green trees visible on hillsides.
A sign that reads Pure Vermont Maple Syrup For Sale Here.
Two stone sculptures depicting whale tales are seen against the setting sun.
A fair ride swings people high off the ground.
Three people stand and talk on a deck at the top of a mountain while the sun is setting.