Vermont Vacation

Places to Visit

Places to Visit in Vermont

Vermont is a place all its own. From dramatic, beautiful landscapes to bustling urban downtowns, Vermont’s eclectic mix of places to go are waiting to be discovered.

A person rides a bicycle along a paved road in the mountains on a warm, sunny day.
Seen from above, a lit-up city at night next to a lake.

Vermont Regions

Vermont’s 14 regions invite exploration, each unveiling a unique tapestry of landscapes, traditions, and communities that together define the essence of the Green Mountain State. The picturesque Northeast Kingdom boasts serene lakes and untamed wilderness, while southern Vermont beckons with its charming towns and cultural gems. From the rolling hills and historic villages of the Champlain Valley to the quick urban heartbeat of downtown Burlington, every region has its own story; how you find your way is up to you.

A downtown with historic brick buildings, a white church steeple, and mountains in the background.
Two people pushing a baby in a stroller walk through a historic downtown in the summer.

Historic Downtowns

Every step through a Vermont downtown unveils storied buildings and landscapes that whisper tales of the state’s rich history. Wander through these vibrant hubs, where meticulously preserved architecture meets modern flair, to discover eclectic shops, local dining, and scenic vistas right from Main Street. With recreation paths connecting one downtown to the next, a Vermont vacation isn’t just a journey through streets but an exploration of Vermont’s cultural heritage, making each visit a captivating stroll through time and community.

Seen from above, the view of colorful fall leaves on hills and mountains. A tall monument sits in the distance.
Seen from behind, a person stands in a lake on a sunny day. Two sloped mountains are in the distance in front of the person.

Top Places to See in Vermont

Nature’s splendor meets cultural richness at some of Vermont’s top places to see. From iconic factories and breathtaking landscapes to historic places nestled between mountains and in valleys, each attraction weaves a compelling narrative that captures the essence of Vermont’s beauty and heritage.

A small waterfall surrounded by large rocks.
A person kneels by a campfire next to a lake on a dark, cloudy day.