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Taste the Green Mountain Terroir

The flavors of Vermont invite travelers on a journey through the state’s rolling hills, picturesque countryside, and historic downtowns, with some seriously delicious roadside stops along the way. Embrace the farm-to-table ethos as you weave through scenic landscapes, discovering hidden gems like farmstands and country stores offering locally sourced delights. Every road trip unveils a bounty of flavors that reflect the region’s agricultural richness.

As seen from above, a group of place settings sit on a wooden table outdoors on a warm sunny day.

Culinary Experiences

Embark on an epicurean adventure in Vermont, where culinary experiences are as diverse as the state’s landscapes. Follow the tantalizing scent of maple along the Maple Creemee Trail, indulging in velvety soft ice cream that captures the essence of Vermont’s iconic sugaring season year-round. Beer hunters can explore the rich flavors of craft breweries scattered across the state, where hoppy IPAs and smooth stouts showcase the diverse terroir. Take a flavorful journey along the Vermont Cheese Trail, savoring artisanal cheeses that showcase the region’s dairy heritage. From orchard-fresh apple tastings to farmers’ market treasures, Vermont’s culinary culture invites you to taste the very essence of the Green Mountain State.

A person inside a red farmstand building seen from outside in summer.
A person holds a large wood bowl full of blueberries

Farm Experiences

Whole trips can be planned around the bounty of Vermont’s farms. Whether you camp on a farm, wander an outdoor farmers market, take a class on cooking or churning your own butter, or head to an orchard to pick your own fruits and vegetables, the state’s agricultural heritage welcomes visitors.

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Craft Beverages

Each sip of a Vermont craft pour tells a story of local craftsmanship and innovation. From the robust flavors of small-batch spirits to the hoppy complexities of craft beers and the crisp, orchard-fresh notes of ciders and wines, Vermont’s libations embody the essence of the region’s terroir. To sample craft beverages from Green Mountain producers, plan to visit wineries, cideries, and distilleries around the state for tastings and tours.

People sit in a brewery with timber framing in the ceiling and large windows.
A person pours beer from a tap into a glass.

Vermont Craft Beer

Sampling craft beer in Vermont is a journey into a world of artisanal excellence. Vermont is home to more brewers per capita than any other state, consistently ranked among the best in the world, and each tells a unique story through its meticulously crafted brews. From the hoppy profiles of IPAs to the rich complexity of stouts, Vermont’s craft beer scene offers a diverse range of flavors that mirrors the state’s natural beauty. Wander through rustic taprooms, engage with passionate brewers, and savor the creativity that defines Vermont’s brewing culture.

Soft serve ice cream is served on a cone from an ice cream truck to an adult and child.
Two people enjoy ice cream from cubs outside on a park bench on a warm sunny day.
A person hands an ice cream cone from a window.
A sign advertising Creemees shows prices and sizes available for purchase outside on a sunny day.
Two people sit on a bench, each holding a cone with soft ice cream.
A hand holding a white soft ice cream cone dusted with maple dust.

Ice Cream

In Vermont, ice cream is a year-round treat. Indulge in the sweetness of soft, pillowy creemees made with pure, local maple or savor the explosion of flavors in swirly, chunky ice cream creations from Ben & Jerry’s, one of Vermont’s iconic ice cream producers. Trails and maps will illuminate off-the-beaten-path stops to sweeten your road trip.

Various cheeses arrayed on a brown wooden table in a store.
Two wedges of cheese on a square of parchment paper on a butcher block.


Vermont’s cheese leads the way on a delectable journey through the picturesque landscapes of the Green Mountain State. The Vermont Cheese Trail unfolds into a savory tapestry of artisanal creameries, where you can witness the meticulous craft of cheesemaking and savor an array of award-winning cheeses. From creamy Brie to sharp cheddars and flavorful goat cheeses, each stop at a Vermont cheesemaker offers a unique tasting experience that showcases the diverse terroir of the state.

Maple candies in a box are displayed on a counter.
A sign that reads Pure Vermont Maple Syrup For Sale Here.
Maple syrup dispenses out of a tap into a glass jug.
Colorful vegetables lined up on a plate with a jug of maple syrup behind the plate.
A hand puts a cap on a small jar of maple syrup.

Pure Vermont Maple

Vermont’s sugar makers produce more maple than any other state. Explore the state’s sweet heritage on sugarhouse tours in the spring, where the air is infused with the rich aroma of boiling sap and the rhythmic sounds of syrup production, and let skilled sugar makers demonstrate how they turn sap to syrup. Become an expert in the nuanced flavors of Vermont maple syrup through tastings, from the delicate Grade A Light Amber to the robust Grade B Dark Amber. Complete your experience by bringing a taste of Vermont home, selecting the perfect syrup, infused rub, sugar, cream, or candy to sweeten your own culinary creations.