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Where to Stay in Vermont

Your overnight accommodations help define your Vermont vacation. Whether you find yourself in a rustic cabin by a pristine lake or a cozy hotel in a vibrant downtown, each stay promises an immersive experience in the heart of the Green Mountain State. Explore quaint villages, savor farm-to-table cuisine, embark on scenic drives, hikes, and cycling trips, and witness the changing seasons that paint the landscape with breathtaking hues. In Vermont, the essence of your stay lies in discovering the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and the genuine warmth that defines a Vermont vacation.

Two historic buildings on either side of a street. One reads Latchis Hotel in an art deco font.
A person sits on a bed in a hotel room with a wool blanket rolled up in front of them.

Hotels in Vermont

From themed independent boutiques to brand hotels, Vermont hotels go beyond mere lodging. Historic hotels invite you to become a part of Vermont’s story; stay in buildings dating as far back as the 1700s, including one with its own historic movie theatre. Those looking for modern amenities and convenience can choose from well-known brand hotels that offer comfort and loyalty program benefits as well as on-site restaurants with local cuisine and fully equipped gyms. Whether you’re seeking a serene retreat or an action-packed getaway, Vermont’s hotels cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a memorable and well-rounded stay.

A hotel lit up at dusk with a sign reading Rabbit Hill Inn. Snow blankets the winter scene.
Two people dine in a warmly lit room with a fire roaring and warm wood throughout.

Bed and Breakfasts in Vermont

Bed and breakfast owners are waiting to welcome you to historic farmhouses, quaint brick buildings, and cozy cottages. Meticulously restored buildings, home-cooked meals, some tucked away at Michelin-starred establishments, and a real sense of community flavor a stay at a Vermont bed and breakfast. Four poster beds with high thread count sheets and afternoon tea are just a few of the homey touches you’ll find.

A person stands facing a herd of cows on a road outside in summer.
A black and white chicken roams a grassy farm in front of a cabin.

Vermont Farmstays

Staying on a working Vermont farm allows guests to learn first-hand where local produce and meat come from, meet farm animals, and experience the bucolic beauty of Vermont’s agricultural heritage. Whether you use the farm as a home base to explore points near or far, returning in the evenings for hearty local fare, or immerse yourself in the rhythm of farm life by milking cows, getting a taste of Vermont’s agricultural heritage enriches a vacation.

People ice skate at an outdoor rink in the middle of resort buildings lit with a warm glow.
People line up, play, and swim at an indoor waterpark with four colorful slides visible in the back of the image.

Vermont Resorts

Vermont resorts are surrounded by the state’s natural beauty, providing a serene backdrop for relaxation. Well-appointed mountain lodging exudes comfort and elegance, with spacious rooms and modern amenities. Vermont’s ski resorts are world-class, often acknowledged for long seasons, family-friendliness, and quality of terrain and snowmaking as well as accommodations and amenities. Guests can indulge in a range of activities besides skiing and riding, including immersive spa treatments that embrace holistic wellness, in-depth culinary classes and experiences, live music and events, and other outdoor pursuits.

A log cabin seen from outdoors in the winter as snow falls. It’s surrounded by woods.
A large cabin in the woods seen from outside. A fire crackles in an outdoor fire pit and the windows emit warm light.

Cabins in Vermont

Staying in a cabin or cottage in Vermont allows visitors to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the state. In the peaceful woods, secluded cabins provide a tranquil escape, where the sounds of nature and crackling fireplaces create a cozy atmosphere. Lakeside cottages offer picturesque views and the opportunity to unwind by the water’s edge. Additionally, many Vermont state parks provide cabin accommodations, allowing guests to connect with nature while enjoying the comfort of well-equipped and accessible lodging, making each stay a memorable blend of rustic charm and natural splendor.

A tent in a campsite outdoors in a forest seen from afar. It’s late summer.
A campfire roars in a stone fire pit outdoors at a campsite.

Campgrounds and RV Parks in Vermont

Waking up to birdsong? Check. Cooking and gathering around a campfire? Got it. Vermont’s rugged natural beauty? Right here. Vermont is a camping destination. 55 state parks provide idyllic settings for camping, with well-maintained sites amidst lush landscapes. Private campgrounds offer diverse amenities, from family-friendly activities to scenic spots for relaxation. For those seeking a more immersive experience, the Vermont Huts network provides a unique opportunity for backcountry exploration through hiking, biking, and skiing, offering rustic yet comfortable accommodations along the trails.

A person sits crossed-legged on a bed, pouring coffee into a mug.
A person walks out of a large white building with a sign that reads Middlebury Inn.

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