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Travel planning can be easy with this collection of trip ideas, itineraries, and checklists. Find inspiration here for your vacation, whether you’re planning for a long weekend, a week away, or longer.

Two people in a canoe in the distance on a calm lake in the summer.
People walk into a café on a summer day from a street in a historic downtown. The building has wide windows and white façade.

Dive Into Itineraries and Guides

Itineraries and Vermont travel ideas can help you organize your time in the green mountains. Find trails that wind through the state’s arts and culture heritage, historic downtowns, and culinary offerings. Whether you follow a 72-hour itinerary through all its stops or work in just a few trip ideas over a long weekend, these guides will help you plan.

A lake with two tall mountains rising on either side in the image’s background.
A scoop of ice cream on a cone held by a hand outside. In the background, a sign reads Ben & Jerry’s on a factory building.

Hit the Highlights

Nature’s splendor meets cultural richness at some of Vermont’s top places to see. Highlight your vacation with Vermont’s most iconic attractions, from jaw-dropping scenic views to must-visit museums and attractions.

A van with bikes on the back drives on a winding road in the summer.
Seen from far above, a red car drives on a road that’s wrapped around a mountain with snow dusting the treetops.

Take the Scenic Route

Byways and back roads are some of the best ways to explore the state, meandering through historic downtowns and inviting stops at general stores, farmstands, scenic vantage points, and more. Ten federally designated scenic byways are just the beginning; winding gap roads, dirt roads, and country roads dotted with covered bridges all beckon exploration.

A historic building partially hangs over a calm flowing river with mountains in the background.
A top down view of people clinking glasses above a table of food.

Culinary Experiences in Vermont

A Vermont foodie trip can center around local food tours, classes, and farms. Explore some of Vermont’s finest flavors and immersive culinary experiences, from visiting the farm that grew your dinner to wandering a farmers market, listening to live music and sampling ready-made food. A hands-on class at one of America’s oldest flour companies or a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant tucked away in the Northeast Kingdom showcase the variety of Vermont’s culinary experiences.