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A sign that says “Main Street Antiques” on a storefront in the winter.
People shop racks of clothes under tents outdoors.

Shops Around Vermont

Vermont’s downtowns brim with bustling shops, classically beautiful views, and a cheery atmosphere, whether adorned with sparkling snow, bright, crunchy autumn leaves, or sunshine on a summer day. Vermont is home to the only state capital without a McDonald’s or Starbucks restaurant, and small, independent shops, restaurants, and other businesses make up the backbone of the state’s economy. Exploring a historic downtown or making time to stop on a road trip through the Green Mountains are great ways to discover Vermont’s retailers and artisans and find a piece of Vermont to take home with you  

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Business Directory

This directory of businesses owned and operated by Vermonters of color offers visitors a diverse selection of ways to experience the Green Mountain State. As you plan your vacation, explore the medley of Vermont’s small, local economy to support communities of color.

A white general store with a sign reading “Craftsbury General Store” seen from outside in the winter.
The inside of a general store in Vermont with wooden floors and goods on the shelves.

Road Tripping to Vermont’s Stores

There’s plenty in store along Vermont’s winding roads. General stores and country stores dot byways and back roads, beckoning with artisan crafts and goods, locally made cheeses, craft beverages, and other snacks, and unexpected delights, from jewelry to books to home décor. Farmers markets can be found in many downtowns throughout the week, offering far more than locally grown food; discover jewelry, pottery, woodwork, and more. Even Vermont’s welcome centers are often home to local products along with Wi-Fi, restrooms, and local information, and attendants often have great suggestions for where to stop next.  

A red barn with art outside and visible within the door in the summer.
A hand holding a tool works to carve stone in an indoor studio.

Vermont Open Studio Weekend

Browse and shop for art in downtowns or on byways and back roads during this celebratory weekend where artists open their studios to the public. Visiting an artist in their studio is different from browsing at a craft fair; the workspaces reflect their creative process, tools, equipment, and inspirations. See unique collection of handmade and local artwork, take part in special events, and take a unique piece or two home.  

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Vermont Shopping Directory

Browse a directory of Vermont’s shopping experiences, from indoor markets to upscale boutiques to down-home general stores. 

Browse about Vermont Shopping Directory