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Getting to Vermont

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Vermont is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, New York to the west, New Hampshire to the east, and Canada to the north. Located within three hours of Boston, within two hours of Montreal, and about six hours from New York City, Vermont is accessible by several major roads, including interstates 89, 91, and 93 and U.S. Routes 2 and 7. Whether you fly to Vermont or travel by train, ferry, or car, getting to the Green Mountain State is part of the adventure.

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Road and Trail Updates

Remnants of Hurricane Beryl impacted parts of central and northern Vermont. If you have plans to visit Vermont in the next few days, these resources provide more information on road closures and trail conditions.

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Travel to Vermont By Train

Amtrak offers two routes that make stops along the western and eastern sides of Vermont. Offering fast and comfortable service, the Ethan Allen Express departs New York City and arrives in Burlington in under eight hours, stopping in five Vermont towns. Also offering service from Washington D.C., the Vermonter travels along the East Coast all the way to northern Vermont’s St. Albans, stopping in nine of Vermont’s historic downtowns. Ride in comfort, take in the scenery, and enjoy amenities including free Wi-Fi, a café car, spacious seats with ample leg room, and the option to take your bike (with additional fee).

Cars sit on a small ferry as it moves across a lake. A mountain ridge sits in the distant background.

Travel to Vermont By Ferry

Vermont ferry routes are scenic ways to travel to Vermont. Ferries cross Lake Champlain in two places, bringing cars and passengers from New York State to Vermont. Board the ferry in either Essex or Plattsburgh, NY and get to Grand Isle or Charlotte, VT on a picturesque lake crossing.

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Getting to Vermont By Bus

Bus routes connect Vermont to the rest of New England and the country. Burlington is home to a Greyhound station, making it accessible on those routes. The North-South bus route provides bus service originating in Milton, VT, primarily traveling the Route 7 corridor from Colchester, VT to Rensselaer, NY’s Amtrak station, the Albany, NY Greyhound bus terminal, and Albany International Airport in Colonie, NY.

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Vermont Border Crossings

Vermont has seven border crossings: Highgate Springs, Burlington International Airport, Beecher Falls, Norton, Richford, St. Albans, and Derby Line. Crossing into Vermont from Canada can be your gateway to a weekend away or even just a day trip.

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Start planning your Vermont vacation with a free bundle that includes an official Vermont State Attractions Map, Vacation Guide, and additional brochures upon request, including scenic byways, state parks, cultural trails, and more.

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