A historic downtown covered in snow.
A person wearing red and black flannel cross-country skis through a snowy forest on a sunny day.

Winter in Vermont

Winter transforms Vermont’s landscape into a cozy haven where mountains wear soft blankets of snow and historic downtowns radiate warmth and charm. As the world outside is hushed by falling snowflakes, crackling fireplaces beckon visitors into snug cafes and historic inns. Quaint boutiques offer unique finds, and the allure of snow-covered streets invites leisurely strolls. Vermont’s winter wonderland becomes a playground for outdoors enthusiasts, from the exhilarating slopes of renowned ski resorts to the tranquil beauty of cross-country skiing in a serene forest. A Vermont winter invites you to wrap yourself in the embrace of small-town charm and find solace in the tranquility of the snow-covered landscapes.

Winter for Every Body

Vermont is the ultimate place to explore the outdoors. Find out how spending a weekend skiing still makes you feel relaxed at the end of the day, and how Vermont Adaptive provides people with a disability access to connect with nature.

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A crowd of people watch live music on a stage at the base of a snow-covered ski trail.

Nature’s Beauty Sets the Stage

Winter in Vermont is a season of festive delights, with events that celebrate the snow-covered landscapes. Ski resorts come alive with the infectious beats of live music at events including Vermont’s gay ski weekend, where après-ski sessions blend seamlessly with the thrill of the slopes. Historic downtowns host winter carnivals and festivals, transforming snow-laden streets into lively spectacles. From ice sculptures that glisten in the winter sun to the laughter echoing from seasonal markets, Vermont’s winter events embrace the season even at its coldest.

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Vermont is home to 20 downhill ski areas and thousands of kilometers of cross-country terrain. Ski Vermont is your hub to find a resort, check conditions, and plan your visit.

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