A large tree with red autumn leaves is surrounded by a green field on a sunny fall day.
Seen from afar, a mountain peak and the surrounding trees in fall color.

Autumn in Vermont

Nature paints the landscape in a breathtaking tapestry of deep crimson, blaze oranges, and bright yellows every fall. As the crisp autumn air sets in, the hills and valleys come alive with the vibrant hues of changing foliage, creating a captivating visual symphony. Scenic drives reveal historic downtowns with leaves crunching under your feet on the sidewalk, while outdoor activities like hiking or apple picking offer an immersive experience amid the stunning autumn scenery. Savoring local flavors against the backdrop of this natural masterpiece rounds out the fall experience in Vermont, making it a time when every corner of the state becomes a canvas of seasonal splendor.

Immerse Yourself

The brisk snap of autumn-scented morning air, the crunch of fallen leaves on the ground under your boots and the sweet tartness of apple cider complement the vibrant array of color surrounding you: This is fall in Vermont during the “peak weeks” in September and October. 

Seen from above, a fair midway at night with bright lights set amidst mountains.
People gather in a field in early fall to listen to live music. Some are dancing.

Fall Events

Signature events bring people together to celebrate fall in Vermont. From harvest-season festivals that fuse the bounty of farm and field to country fairs that honor the Green Mountains’ agricultural heritage with local food, livestock events, and a jam-packed midway, Vermont’s fall calendar is stacked.

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Vermont State Parks

As the foliage bursts into a kaleidoscope of warm hues, Vermont’s 55 state parks, open year-round, become havens for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike along colorful trails or paddle through the foliage’s reflection on wide-open lakes. Vermont state parks provide a scenic playground where every corner unveils the splendor of the season. 

Explore State Parks about Vermont State Parks
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