Three people ski down a groomed ski trail.
Two people stand with their bikes on a dirt path to look at a waterfall.

Spring in Vermont

As the land thaws from its deep winter’s sleep, nature reawakens. Maple sap flows through the forest, lambs and calves are born, and trees begin to bud. In March and April, as you travel Vermont roads, you’ll often see steam piping out of sugar shacks as sugar makers work to turn maple sap into pure Vermont maple syrup. Warm, soft granular snow makes for sunny spring skiing, and ski resorts celebrate this time of year with live music and après under the sun. Springtime presents a wide range of weather conditions, where cool mornings turn into warm afternoons and can quickly drop to cold temperatures as soon as the sun sets over the mountain. Packing layers is highly recommended.

A person riding a snowboard, skims across a pool of water at the bottom of a snow-covered ski slope.
A wooden building with red doors has steam and smoke emitting from a chimney.

Spring Events

Spring events in Vermont herald renewal and the excitement of longer, warmer days. Early spring brings sugaring season events where the sweet aroma of maple fills the air, including Maple Open House Weekend and the annual Vermont Maple Festival, where locals and visitors gather to celebrate this Vermont tradition. Revel in whimsical pond-skimming events at ski resorts, adding a splash of laughter to the thawing landscape as skiers attempt to skim over “ponds” wearing bright costumes. Late spring sees the return of farmers’ markets, where vibrant stalls showcase fresh produce, artisanal goods, and the warm camaraderie of communities coming together.