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Two people ride bicycles along a gravel road on a sunny day.
A group of people ride bicycles on a path along a large body of water on a sunny day.

Grab Your Bike

A cycling adventure leads travelers through Vermont’s picturesque landscapes, where paved and gravel roads intertwine, connecting charming villages and revealing the state’s storied history. Pedal along backroads adorned with scenic beauty with no billboards to disrupt the pristine views. Marvel at the historic landscape, where age-old rock walls, round barns, and stone structures tell tales of Vermont’s rich past. Find a general store along the way for a taste of local culture and a well-earned refuel.

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Cycling in Vermont is for EveryBODY

From adaptive road cycling programs to three-wheeled mountain bikes, Vermont Adaptive’s year-round programming brings cycling to everyBODY, making sports inclusive for those who use adaptive equipment.

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Seen from above, a gravel path with a bridge stretching across a river in summer.
A bench sits next to a small stream and a road in the woods.

Rail Trails and Recreation Paths

Vermont’s rail trails and public paths are great low-impact ways to explore downtowns, scenic views, and Vermont’s waterfronts. With a 3% grade or less, these trails, formed from reclaimed railroad beds, offer a flatter riding opportunity that connects downtowns and regions. Spend an hour, a day, or an entire weekend enjoying the paths at any pace, from a leisurely meander to cycling at a clip. Along the way, there are many opportunities to enjoy a taste of Vermont, from farmstands to farm-to-table dining, breweries to cideries, and more.

Vermont is home to New England’s Longest Rail Trail, the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail.

More Vermont Facts

A person bikes across an old railroad bridge.
A person rides a mountain bike on a path surrounded by greenery outdoors with a mountain visible in the background. The sun is shining.
An adult and a child mountain biking outside in the summer.

Mountain Biking

Vermont is home to more than 1,400 miles of rocky, rooty, bermy, and flowy mountain biking trails maintained by 29 local chapters throughout the state. Whether you’re craving the challenges of technical terrain or seeking some smooth flow, the trails in Vermont’s mountain biking networks lead to adventure and incredible views.

Two people facing away from the cameras standing on bikes with fat tires admiring a mountain view in the winter.
Two people facing away from the cameras standing on bikes with fat tires admiring a mountain view in the winter.

Fat Biking

In the winter, Vermont’s groomed trail networks and ski areas transform into thrilling cycling playgrounds. Traverse the snowy landscapes of Catamount Outdoor Center, Kingdom Trails, and Rikert Nordic Center, each offering an exhilarating fat biking experience with meticulously maintained trails and stunning winter scenery. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice adventurer, exploring Vermont’s snowy terrain on a fat bike provides a unique blend of excitement and tranquility.

Maple Fuels a Bikepacking Expedition

Bikepacking across Vermont is a great way to immerse yourself in the landscapes. Pure, sweet, and natural Vermont maple syrup is a delicious and sustainable way for bikepacker and community organizer Devin Cowens to fuel her body during her outdoor expeditions.

Two people walk bikes along a dynamic brick street.
A person bikes by a large abstract metal sculpture.

Biking Amidst Art

In Vermont, you don’t have to travel far to see a biking trailhead or arts venue, and most often, they’re within close range of each other. Immerse yourself in both worlds by planning a biking arts adventure.