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Arts and Culture in Vermont

Vermont’s artists draw inspiration from the breathtaking natural beauty that envelops the state, infusing their work with the essence of the Green Mountain landscape. Discover art in unexpected places, from vibrant murals brightening historic downtowns to outdoor sculpture parks in harmony with the picturesque surroundings. Engage with the local arts scene, where creativity flourishes in galleries, studios, and grassroots events. Vermont’s artistic tapestry reflects a deep connection to nature, providing visitors with a visually stunning and culturally rich experience that seamlessly weaves together art and the inherent beauty of the region. 

Bright lights illuminate a concert at night.
A group of people play yard games outside on a sunny day.


Vermont’s events calendar embraces the changing seasons, from outdoor live music echoing through historic downtowns and waterfronts in the summer to fairs and festivals in harvest season or winter carnival activities that celebrate getting outside even in the coldest days. Welcoming community adds local flavor to the the fun and adventure of signature and time-honored events.

A restored steam ship behind a lilac bush outside in summer.
A stone lion carving outside a brown brick Victorian building in the winter.

Vermont Museums

Visiting a Vermont museum is a journey into the cultural and historical heart of the Green Mountain State. Families and individuals alike can explore exhibits that showcase Vermont’s diverse heritage, starting with its Indigenous history, which began 13,000 years ago. Discover artifacts that tell stories of the past and engage with interactive displays that make learning fun for all ages. Whether delving into local history, art, or natural science, Vermont’s museums offer a captivating blend of education and entertainment in historic buildings and settings that become part of the story. 

As seen from behind, a musical group plays a concert from a lit performing stage.
A vintage car parked in front of a historic theatre with a marquee that reads Flynn.

Performing Arts

Live music, theater performances, and other artistic expressions come to life against the backdrop of the Green Mountains. Live music echoes through charming venues, from historic theaters to intimate spaces in downtowns and countryside settings. Staged theatrical performances capture the essence of storytelling, showcasing local talent and often drawing inspiration from Vermont’s picturesque landscapes.  

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Outdoor Art

In Vermont, outdoor art transforms the landscape into an open-air gallery. Wander through downtowns adorned with vibrant murals that reflect the spirit of the community. Venture into sculpture parks where art seamlessly melds with the picturesque surroundings, creating an immersive experience that celebrates creativity and the beauty of Vermont’s natural landscapes. Road tripping to discover outdoor art in the Green Mountain State promises a fusion of artistic expression and breathtaking scenery. 

Discover Outdoor Art about Outdoor Art
Paintings are displayed on white walls in an indoor art gallery.
Close view of hands chiseling a design into granite.
A person looks at a group of illustrations on a wall and a sign that reads Make Art Have Fun!!
A mural of flowers is painted on a building behind a sign that reads Amtrak Middlebury Station.
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Curated spaces showcase a diverse array of artistic talent, from local artisans to internationally acclaimed visionaries. Visitors can explore a kaleidoscope of mediums, from paintings and sculptures to mixed media, each piece a reflection of the vibrant cultural tapestry that characterizes the Green Mountain State. Whether in a historic downtown or nestled in the scenic countryside, Vermont’s art galleries offer a tranquil escape to discover beauty and inspiration.  

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A tall monument is seen from afar, rising above trees in the autumn.
A historic roadside marker sign commemorating marriage equality for same-sex couples in front of the golden dome of the Vermont Statehouse.


With evidence of Indigenous people living on this land extending as far back as 13,000 years, Vermont’s history is rich, shown in Abenaki encampments, historic downtowns, state-owned historic sites, and more. Explore Vermont’s past through visits and reenactment events and learn how it informs the Green Mountains’ present and future