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Vermont’s Historic Downtowns

Each of Vermont’s historic downtowns, with its unique architectural character and storied buildings, beckons visitors to stroll through time. Historic storefronts house an array of delightful shops, from boutique stores to antique gems, inviting explorers to uncover one-of-a-kind treasures. Each downtown boasts its own distinctive backdrop and vibe, whether it’s the quick pulse of a college town or the timeless allure of a postcard-worthy village nestled amid rolling hills. As you wander, the air is infused with the welcoming aromas of local cafes and the palpable sense of community. Vermont downtowns are not just destinations; they are invitations to savor the authentic, diverse, and captivating spirit of the Green Mountain State.

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Along the Connecticut River, and beneath Mount Ascutney, Windsor is where history, art, and scenic beauty come together. With two lakes downtown and cycling and hiking opportunities right outside, it offers the perfect opportunity for enjoying the outdoors in every season.

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Vermont’s 251 Towns and Cities

There are 251 towns and cities in Vermont. From the largest (Burlington) to the smallest (St. George), each offers something new to discover. Vermont’s 251 Club members aim to visit each one, checking them off as they go.

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