Historic Downtown


Old, brick buildings line a river with a bridge crossing visible in the summer.
Outdoor view of a downtown theater with patrons walking by on a sidewalk.


On the banks of the Connecticut and West rivers, the Round and Black mountains bring texture to Brattleboro’s skyline. The Connecticut River rushes through the town’s heart, lending a lively atmosphere to a historic downtown lined with storied architecture and brick buildings.

Explore Downtown

When you are in Brattleboro, there is always something behind a closed door that you wouldn’t expect. Come see all of what Brattleboro has to offer.

View looking up at a large stone church in the summer.
View of a large, indoor hall with a stage in front and a crowd watching a performance.

Stone Church

In 2016, Brattleboro’s Stone Church reopened as a live music venue, bringing in both internationally touring musicians and helping launch local acts. Nearby Epsilon Spires, another converted church, holds space for art, film, and music, adding to Brattleboro’s people-powered local creative scene.

An outdoor celebration on a warm day with people in a paved parking lot, hoses spraying water, and vendors in the background.
View of a stage with a musical group performing.

Gallery Walk

First Friday of Every Month from May to December

Brattleboro’s signature Gallery Walk brings people together on the first Friday of every month to explore artwork for exhibition and sale. Enjoy local food trucks, listen to live music, and even work together to create art of your own.

View of 2 kids jumping through the air and a brick building in the background.
Dusk image of a large red brick building.

For beer, art, and outdoors lovers

Experts have curated these local itineraries for art aficionados, self-care seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, beer and spirit lovers. Also, Yankee Magazine outlines their best bets for places to stay, play, and immerse yourself in Brattleboro. Finally, Olivia Christine, an Afro-Latina travel + wellness expert, shares her guide to southern Vermont, including a lookout tower that stands at 2,418 feet, a horseback ride, a scenic drive, and more.

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Trip planning resources with Brattleboro’s local downtown organization, #LoveBrattleboroVT.

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