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A hand pours maple syrup on pancakes.
Small bottles, showing the different grades of maple syrup, are displayed in a package.

Vermont Maple Products

When cold nights and warm spring days trigger the flow of sap in Vermont’s sugarbushes, they experience their very own gold rush. Vermont makes more than half the country’s maple syrup, more than any other state. In 2024, Vermont’s sugar makers produced a record of 3.1 million gallons. All that maple is processed in more than 3,000 sugarhouses statewide, from smaller family-run operations to industrial syrup producers, and ends up as part of cocktail infusions, dry rubs, hot sauces, candy, and on shelves as syrup and sugar.

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A basket of fresh donuts indoors.

Vermont Maple Open House Weekend

For two weekends in late winter and early spring, sugar makers around the state open their doors and invite the public in for tours and samples. Follow the sweet steam around the Green Mountains.

The sugar-making process has evolved from sap buckets carried through the woods on a horse-drawn sleigh to today’s ultra-modern reverse osmosis technology. Vermont’s sugar makers use a diverse mix in their operations.

Maple is a Natural Kitchen Powerhouse

Nestled in Woodstock, Vermont, Cloudland Farm chef Mike Boraccio finds cooking to be a form of moving meditation. His philosophy is “What grows together goes together,” which means he can design an entire menu around pure Vermont maple.

Butternut Mountain Farm’s maple syrup made it onto the International Space Station in squeeze bottles as part of astronauts’ rations.

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Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association

Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association is the online home of Vermont’s maple industry. Buy syrup online, learn more about what the different grades mean, and find recipes, including a guide to substituting maple sugar for granulated white.

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