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Scenic Drives

A road seen from the air carves through a forest with bright green leaves in the spring.
A road curves through mountains with bright red, orange, and yellow leaves on trees.

Drive through Scenic Vermont

Vermont’s classic New England scenic routes are the meandering kind, taking drivers through historic downtowns and past bucolic farmlands. With plenty of places to stop along the way, including general stores, farm stands, and classic covered bridges, there’s much to discover. Gaps and mountain passes, with their winding curves and long-range scenery, wow at every turn. Vermont’s auto toll roads, lead right to the top of some of Vermont’s highest peaks, making summit views accessible by car. Byways and back roads are some of the best ways to explore the state.

A car drives toward the camera on a road with green tree-covered mountains on both sides.
Cars drive along a road in a historic downtown with a white church in the background.

Vermont Scenic Byways

The best way to travel the state is by touring roads that meander through mountains and meet in valleys. Colorful routes connect historic downtowns and farms. Vermont’s 10 federally designated scenic byways range in length from 14 miles to 400; tour by car, motorcycle, or bicycle to discover trailheads, waterfalls, museums, boutiques, and more.

A covered bridge in the countryside as the sun sets with mountains visible behind.
The inside of a covered bridge with light visible at the end.

Covered Bridges in Vermont

The covered bridges of the Green Mountains star on postcards, on social media and in stories about our state for a reason – they’re beautiful, historic and unique. Vermont is home to more than 100 covered bridges dating from 1820, boasting more covered bridges per square mile than any other U.S state.

A marker by the side of the road in winter tells the story of Wilson Snowflake Bentley.
In front of a historic building with a golden dome, a green roadside marker reads State House.

Roadside Markers in Vermont

Vermont’s 315 roadside markers, visible statewide, tell the stories of famous Vermonters, iconic places, and historic events. Pull over when you see a green sign to read about battles that happened on Vermont soil, the first person ever to photograph a snowflake, and stories that illuminate the buildings you pass.

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5 Scenic Vermont Backroads to Travel

Forget the interstate. The backroads of Vermont offer travelers 360-degree views, centuries-old history, and a beautiful way to slow down.

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More Ways to Get Around

Whether you want to visit all 251 of Vermont’s towns and cities, cruise the byways and back roads on a motorcycle, or simply make the most of your road trip experience, Vermont’s welcome centers have maps and trip ideas to help inspire your travels.

251 Club

251 Club

Motorcycle Vermont

Motorcycle Vermont

Welcome Centers

Welcome Centers
A car drives along a snowy winter road seen from above.
A road without traffic leading past a barn with a snowy mountain in the background.

Safe Driving Tips for Vermont’s Roads

Vermont’s roads are beautiful, and part of that beauty is how quickly conditions can change. In the winter, some mountain passes and gap roads close for the season. Some dirt roads are considered Class 4, which means they aren’t maintained in the winter for traffic, whereas roads classed 1-3 are. In the winter, snow tires are strongly recommended, and it’s important never to drive too fast for conditions. As winter melts into spring, “mud season” means many dirt roads are soft and might not be safe to drive on until they solidify. With spotty cell service in parts of the state, your phone’s GPS may not work; order a free paper map as a backup. Vermont is home to hundreds of public electric vehicle charging stations.

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Map Out Your Trip

Start planning for a memorable Vermont vacation with a free planning packet, including a road map (perfect for your glove box), an inspiration guide featuring some of the best things to do in the Green Mountain State, and information on scenic byways, food and farms, state parks, and more.

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