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A person riding a snowmobile waves while riding along a snowy trail.
Two snowmobiles travel along a snowy trail in the woods.

Snowmobile Vermont

With a well-marked trail system linking towns together, readable maps, and easy access to amenities, Vermont rolls out the white carpet for snowmobilers, offering over 5,000 miles of trails to ride. Zip through mountains, forest, and farmland, exploring vast, picturesque trails that showcase the state’s winter beauty and provide an unforgettable experience. There are plenty of places to stop along the way for fuel and rest, and the trail system, 80% of which is private land, is easily navigable by waterproof map and smartphone.

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Vermont Association of Snow Travelers

VAST maintains almost 5,000 miles of snowmobiling trails in Vermont and stewards programming surrounding the sport, including up-to-date smartphone maps, licensing, and trip planning.

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Since 1967, Vermont has maintained a network of more than 5,000 miles of winter snowmobile trails.

A groomed snowmobile trail in the winter with trees on both sides.
A person sitting on a stationary snowmobile turns back to look at the camera.

A Hot Dog Truck on the Trail

Stop on snowmobiling trails in the Northeast Kingdom and you might be lucky enough to run across Kendyl’s Buns on the Run, serving up hot dogs for snowmobilers.

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Private Landowners Make It Work

Vermont Association of Snow Travelers stewards relationships with private landowners that allow trails to continue uninterrupted through the Green Mountains. About 80% of Vermont’s snowmobile trails are privately owned, indicating strong public support for the sport, and those good relationships sustain snowmobiling culture for the future.

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Snow Traveler’s Guide to Vermont

The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers trail system offers lots of opportunities to refuel, recharge, stay, and eat along the trail system.

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