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Heritage Trails

Bright blue water at the base of a granite quarry with white walls in the summer. 
People gather to walk inside a beautifully restored 1900s mansion on a sunny day.

Storied Trails

Trails that explore and celebrate Vermont’s Black history, the state’s heritage as a stone quarrying region, and the stories of Vermont’s role in the Civil War make for great trip ideas. As you follow Vermont’s heritage trails, you’ll get to know Vermonters who set records and made and stewarded history – and you’ll also see how this history is still evident in the natural beauty and historic downtowns for which Vermont is known.  

The plush interior of an antique Pullman train car, with dark wood framing and velvet seats.

African-American Heritage Trail

Over the centuries, Black Vermonters have had a profound impact on agriculture, owned businesses, held public office, fought alongside fellow citizens in major wars, and worked to make Vermont and the nation a better place. Now visitors and Vermonters alike can learn about Black history and heritage in a way that feels first-hand, from a perfectly restored Pullman train car where many Black men found jobs to a deep dive into the Underground Railroad that brought enslaved people to freedom.  

A church in the fall along a stone sidewalk.

The Vermont Stone Trail

Abundant deposits of granite, marble, and slate have helped develop Vermont’s successful quarrying and manufacturing industry. Visit 95 sites along the Vermont Stone Trail, including the world’s largest dimension granite quarry in Barre, the state’s tallest man-made structure, a charming southern Vermont town with marble sidewalks, and more.  

A historic mansion seen from above in the summer, nestled between mountains.
A brick building with a clock on a sunny day at an outdoor museum.

Follow the Civil War Trail

19th century Vermont played significant roles in the American Civil War. More than 100 years later, museums, roadside markers, and state-owned historic sites tell the stories of the men and women who provided service and sacrifice in support of the efforts to keep the nation whole and abolish slavery. Learn about Vermonters who assisted enslaved people, worked in mills and factories, and defended Vermont in the northernmost areas of the war.  

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