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Cultural Explorations

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Cultural Explorations

Vermont’s diverse cultural landscape invites visitors in to explore, learn, and connect with the stories and traditions that shape this land’s heritage. Delve into the profound legacy of Black history at the Rokeby Museum in Ferrisburgh, which preserves the stories of the Underground Railroad, or explore the African American Heritage Trail, tracing the footsteps of notable figures. With an awareness that we are on the land of ancestral stewards, Indigenous history comes alive through exhibits and storytelling at Shelburne Museum and the Vermont Folklife Center. For a deeper understanding of Asian American Pacific Islander history, visit the Asian Cultural Center of Vermont in Brattleboro and see exhibits and cultural events. Businesses and restaurants owned by People of Color are vital parts of the state’s small-business-centered economy and are highlights of a Vermont vacation.

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African-American Heritage Trail

Over the centuries, Black Vermonters have had a profound impact on agriculture, owned businesses, held public office, fought alongside fellow citizens in major wars, and worked to make Vermont and the nation a better place. Visitors and Vermonters alike can learn about Black history and heritage in Vermont along this cultural trail.

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A Long Weekend in Stowe With Tyrhee Moore

Join outdoor adventurer Tyrhee Moore for a long weekend in Stowe, where he paddles at the Waterbury Reservoir, discovers Vermont’s world-class craft beer scene, and learns how to mountain bike at Trapp Family Lodge.

The Long Trail Home

Vermont: As close to perfect as you’re going to get. Explore one family’s return to Vermont in their vintage Airstream with Matador Network.

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Business Directory

This directory of businesses owned and operated by People of Color offers visitors a diverse selection of ways to experience the Green Mountain State. As you plan your vacation, explore the medley of Vermont’s small, local economy to support communities of color.