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Create Your Vermont Itinerary

As you plan your Vermont vacation, itineraries can help you make the most of your experience. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a week-long immersive trip, your days in Vermont can be as full or unplanned as you like. Itineraries featuring accessible adventure, historic downtowns, outdoor recreation, and Vermont’s unique regions make great starting points as you plan your trip.

Four people on bikes in a forest smile for the camera.
A person in an orange vest stands next to an orange canoe by a river. They are holding a paddle upright and smiling.

A Long Weekend in Stowe

Join outdoor adventurer Tyrhee Moore for a long weekend in Stowe, where he paddles at the Waterbury Reservoir, discovers Vermont’s world-class craft beer scene, and learns how to mountain bike at Trapp Family Lodge.

A person in a wheelchair seen from behind as they look at a waterfall view.
A person in a wheelchair on a boardwalk seen from behind moving along the trail in the summer.

Wheelchair-Accessible Vermont Adventure

Blogger and wheelchair user Cory Lee tours Vermont for a week of accessible adventure in the fall, from sampling maple syrup and seeing wild birds up close to taking in beautiful waterfall views on accessible trails.

Your Outdoors Itinerary

How much world-class outdoor recreation can you fit into your time in Vermont? From hiking and biking to running, skiing, riding, paddling, and more, Vermont’s outdoor activities are almost limitless.

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Vermont’s Welcome Centers

Statewide, Vermont’s visitor centers are welcoming sights, offering information on lodging, dining, and recreation, along with restrooms and Wi-Fi. Many are in scenic settings themselves, such as historic train stations, veterans’ memorials, and more.

Learn More about Vermont’s Welcome Centers