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Four people play in a campsite with a tent, kayak, picnic table, and camp fire on a warm day.

Camp Out

The friendly crackle and smoky aroma of a campfire joins the calming song of loons on the lake to complement the otherwise quiet woods. Sleeping under a night sky pierced with stars, the taste of a roasted s’more, and the camaraderie that comes with evenings spent together beyond four walls combine to create the sense of wonder a camping trip offers.

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Browse Campgrounds

There are lots of places to set up camp under the stars in the Green Mountains. Filter by location, region, or amenity, including pet friendliness, as you plan your vacation using this directory.

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Vermont Parks Forever

To continue Vermont’s tradition of support for conservation, recreation, public health, and natural beauty, Vermont Parks Forever collaborates with Vermonters, park visitors, and our partners to improve the parks for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

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A yurt in a forest underneath a starry sky.
A small wood building in a forest as it snows.

Vermont Huts

Yurts and huts in Vermont can make camping and backcountry exploration more accessible and comfortable. Explore a network of huts in the Green Mountains.

In addition to camping access, many Vermont State Parks offer nature programming and boat rentals.

Several kayaks and canoes lay beached at a lake and are being loaded into the water.
Two vans seen from above next to a lake with mountains in the background in the summer.
A person carries a young child in their backpack while looking at the view from a mountain.

A Vermont Camping Road Trip

Go-Van roadtripped from Quebec to Vergennes and Middlebury, Vermont for a memorable getaway, camping in their van at points during the trip. Touring Shakey Ground Farm, taking in views of the Adirondacks from Mount Philo, and sampling craft beer and ice cream in downtown Vergennes rounded out their trip.

A small open building in a snowy forest.
A person pulls their hood over their head while it snows.

Winter Camping

A winter camping trip offers the opportunity to see another side of Vermont’s beautiful outdoors. Make your home in the snow and bed down for the night amid the silence and serenity of the season. 39 of Vermont’s 55 state parks offer off-season camping, including during the winter. Access is free, though the maximum stay permitted is three nights.

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The Vermont State Parks brochure is your guide to parks, amenities, activities, rentals, and how to best plan your Vermont state park visit. Order it by mail or view it online.