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Vermont Craft Beer

With several beers named best in the world, Vermont’s brewers are heavy hitters. The Green Mountains’ craft beer industry is booming, leading the nation in breweries and brew pubs per capita and racking up honors and awards for quality and innovation. Local Vermont craft brews are menu staples state– and nationwide, and trip itineraries can include sampling a variety of rare beers.

Pro tip: pack a cooler so you can take some home.

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Discover Vermont’s Breweries

Vermont Brewers Association stewards the beer industry in Vermont. More than 50 breweries make the Green Mountain beer scene innovative, lively, and delicious.

Beer Worth Finding about Discover Vermont’s Breweries
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Vermont Brewers Festival 

One of the premier beer festivals in the world is held annually on the Lake Champlain waterfront in Burlington. Visit in July to taste Vermont beers, listen to live music, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Travel Channel has named Vermont America’s craft beer capital.

The Ethos of Vermont Beer Can Art

Vermont’s beer can labels tell the story of Vermont craft brewers’ ethos and how beer fits into the landscape of Vermont-made products. Vermont brewers and artists work together to elevate the craft beer experience through eye-catching, educational art on labels.

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Beer Trails in Vermont

Wherever you go in Vermont, you’ll find different styles, different tastes, and a common bond. From old-guard brewers who established the craft to new taprooms ready to run, taste your way along this series of brewery trails from Vermont Brewers Association.

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Pair Vermont Beer and Cheese

Cheese and beer are a match made in Vermont. Just one look at the agricultural landscape of the state and the synergy of beer and cheese together makes perfect sense.