A Place All Its Own

Freedom To Change Your Focus.

In Vermont, the rhythms of life beat at a slow, tranquil pace. Here, bustling downtowns give way to serene countryside in a seamless pairing much like the state’s motto, freedom and unity. Find peace amidst the scenic beauty of the Green Mountains. Experience the simple joy of gathering with loved ones in a place where time seems to stand still, allowing for moments of connection, reflection, and unwinding. Vermont beckons all to embrace life’s simple pleasures.

A person stands on a rock overlooking a large lake.
A marshmallow is on a cooking fork over a camp fire.

Recharging your batteries doesn’t necessarily require electricity.

There’s so much to see and do in Vermont. Your days can be as full or unplanned as you like in a place where the simple joys of life and the majesty of nature come together in harmony. From getting out there among mountains to dipping into historic downtowns, Vermont will inspire, restore, and bring you to a whole new state.

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Terrain that lifts your spirits.

A four-season destination that’s always in season. Each season offers a variety of activities, diverse landscapes, and opportunities to enjoy the Green Mountain State. From winter’s blanket of snow to the vibrant renewal of spring, from the bright celebration of summer’s long, hot days to the fiery palette as fall bursts forth, there’s something new to discover throughout the rhythm of the year in Vermont.

Find Your Season about Terrain that lifts your spirits.
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A family picks vegetables in a garden.

Family traditions are just waiting to be launched.

Whether it’s the first time on a mountain peak or finding quiet moments gathered around a campfire on a summer night, small steps are worth celebrating big in Vermont. Start planning to forge new memories and discover something new with Vermont’s vacation planning resources.