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The Journey is Half the Fun

When traveling to Vermont, the journey is part of the adventure. Getting here by car offers ample opportunity to stop, stretch your legs and explore, from taking in culture in the capitol to sampling ice cream at the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory. No matter where you’re coming from, we know how to make the most of your drive. Once you're in Vermont, tour the state by following Vermont's 10 federally designated scenic byways. Buckle up – we’ll see you soon! 
Drive from NYC to Vermont


Heading here from the Big Apple? You have an adventure ahead of you! The drive from New York City to Vermont ranges from about four to six hours, with plenty to discover along the way. Take a break at the Green Mountain National Forest in Rutland, scope out Vermont’s golden dome in Montpelier, visit poet Robert Frost’s home in Middlebury, tour the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury, find yourself encompassed with a sample of Vermont's variety of culture in Burlington or take in the history of skiing and riding in Stowe.

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Visit Waterbury from New York City Visit Montpelier from New York City

Visit Stowe from New York City  Visit Middlebury from New York City

Visit Rutland from New York City   Visit Burlington from New York City

Drive to Vermont from New Hampshire


The jaunt from New Hampshire to Vermont makes for a perfect weekend. Both Manchester and Concord are within a three-hour drive of Vermont’s biggest attractions – take your time and explore the different historic downtowns and attractions you’ll pass along the way. Take in a little culture at the Brattleboro Museum in Brattleboro, wander the historic Bread Loaf Campus in Middlebury, where authors retreat and create, get inspired in quaint, funky Montpelier and find treasures in Burlington.

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Visit Burlington from Manchester  Visit Montpelier from Manchester

Visit Middlebury from Concord      Visit Brattleboro from Concord 

Drive to Vermont from Boston


The traffic starts to thin and signs enticing you to explore small towns and villages begin to dot the edges of the road – you know you’re getting close to Vermont. The drive from Boston to Vermont takes about three hours, leaving plenty of time for adventures, like a stop in Rutland to check out the Norman Rockwell Museum, a pause in Waterbury to sample some delicious local flavors, a jaunt in Montpelier to explore the historic downtown, or a shopping venture in Burlington.

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Visit Waterbury from Boston  Visit Burlington from Boston

Visit Rutland from Boston        Visit Montpelier from Boston

Drive to Vermont from Maine


Much of Vermont is within four hours of Portland, making it an ideal getaway. Swap the ocean for the mountains, and as you make tracks for Vermont, check out a few towns and attractions along the way. Fall in love with Stowe’s 200-year-old village, or take in one of Vermont’s most historic downtowns in the capitol city of Montpelier. If urban waterfront charm is more your style, head to Burlington.

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Visit Montpelier from Portland  Visit Burlington from Portland

Visit Stowe from Portland

Drive to Vermont from Montreal


Bienvenue! Vermont loves our Canadian visitors. The drive from north of the border – about two hours – is splendid, offering scenic vistas, shopping, dining and small-town charm. Sample Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and tour the factory in Waterbury, shop and check out the history of snow sports in Stowe, enjoy a slice of capitol-city life in Montpelier or get acquainted with Vermont’s local food scene in Burlington.

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Visit Montpelier from Montreal  Visit Stowe from Montreal

       Visit Burlington from Montreal  Visit Waterbury from Montreal

Connecticut to Vermont Drive


Two and a half hours from Connecticut’s major cities awaits Vermont. The journey is half the fun – stop at the Brattleboro Museum in Brattleboro on your way, or take in the splendor of the Bennington Battle Monument in Bennington. White River Junction is near Quechee Gorge, Vermont’s Little Grand Canyon, always a popular stop, and Springfield offers hiking and several of Vermont’s historic covered bridges.

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Visit Brattleboro from Hartford  Visit Bennington from Hartford

Visit White River Jct from Hartford      Visit Springfield from Hartford

Visit Brattleboro from New Haven      Visit Bennington from New Haven

Visit White River Jct from New Haven    Visit Springfield from New Haven

New Jersey to Vermont Drive


The drive from New Jersey to Vermont is less than four and a half hours long, leaving plenty of time for exploring along the way. Check out Brattleboro, home to several covered bridges and museums, or the Robert Frost Stone House Museum in Bennington. Meet rehabilitated bird of prey near White River Junction, or drive across a historic covered bridge in Springfield. Don’t miss Rutland’s historic Paramount Theatre.

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Visit Brattleboro from Newark  Visit Bennington from Newark

Visit White River Jct from Newark      Visit Springfield from Newark 

Visit Rutland from Newark

Longley Bridge - covered bridges in Vermont

Covered Bridges

Vermont is home to more than 100 covered bridges, boasting more covered bridges per square mile than any other U.S state. They offer unique opportunities for exploration.

Bicyclists enjoy a ride on a sunny day.

Outdoor Recreation

Hikes, mountain bike rides, making camp outside, and paddling and fishing on clear water are just some of the ways to enjoy this season.

Long trail south - Vermont


Think you’ve seen it all in Vermont? Think again - there's always more to discover. This collection of checklists and guides will help you find your next adventure.