Four Craft Beers Made With Vermont Maple

Craft beer and maple are classic Green Mountain partners. 

In a state that produces more than half of the country’s maple syrup and boasts more breweries per capita than any other, you could say Vermont maple and Vermont craft beer weave together as well as contrasting colors in flannel.

That’s why more and more brewers are making use of Vermont’s sweetest export in their signature craft brews. 

“It's really hard to get maple flavor to shine through the beer, but we would notice if it wasn't in the beer. …  Using the sugar helps boost the (alcohol content) of the beer.  As far as flavor goes, the sugar adds a little sweetness and gives it a little bite,” said Wesley Tice, brewer at Outer Limits Brewing

We’ve rounded up a few Vermont craft beers with a maple twist. Cheers!  

Atmosbeer Dark Mild

1. Outer Limits Atmosbeer, Dark Mild
Twenty pounds of Vermont maple sugar, sourced locally from Papa John’s Sugar Shack in Mount Holly, go into each 310-gallon batch of this Proctorsville brew. Brewer Tice describes it as midway between a porter and a brown ale. Buy Atmosbeer throughout Vermont and at the Proctorsville brewery.

2. 14th Star Brewing Maple Breakfast Stout
This dark and delicious award-winning stout is brewed with local Vermont maple syrup and cold brew coffee and has been part of 14th Star Brewing’s core lineup since 2012. It’s brought home four awards since 2015. 14th Star also swirls Vermont maple into some of its other offerings, including a maple IPA and a maple porter. 
“We find that brewing with rich Vermont Maple Syrup provides woody maple notes and just enough sweetness to complement the dark malts and roasted coffee, creating a well-balanced drinking experience that isn't too sweet, bitter, or heavy; keeping fans of Maple Breakfast Stout coming back for more all year long,” says David Rheaume of 14th Star Brewing. 

Maple Breakfast Stout

3. Stone Corral Brewery XX Chocolate Maple Porter
This Richmond brewery sources both the maple and the chocolate from Vermont, “because that’s the way it should be,” says brewer Ryan McKeon. Tavernier Chocolates’ cacao and real Vermont maple combine for a balanced brew.

4. Burlington Beer Company, Double Dazzling Gleam
Keep your eyes peeled for Double Dazzling Gleam, hitting shelves in August, from Burlington Beer Company. A milkshake-style IPA inspired by maple raspberry creemees, this brew is sure to hit the spot. In March, during sugaring season, the company also produces a maple barleywine, Mahogany and Tweed, and an imperial maple stout aged in maple bourbon barrels called Seances and Sacrifices.