Vermont Maple Makes It

Vermont maple syrup and other maple products can go well beyond the breakfast table.  As a natural sweetener with a distinctive taste, maple syrup is the perfect ingredient in cocktails, baked goods, and even in pickling veggies. Gesine Prado, a Vermonter, pastry chef and baking teacher knows first-hand that maple syrup is kitchen magic. Prado, host of The Food Network’s Baked in Vermont and author of five cookbooks, is sharing her favorite maple recipes for the holiday season.

Vermont Maple Makes It Recipes

Vermont maple products go beyond breakfast. Here are video recipes for a Bundt cake (and donuts!), quick pickled veggies and a maple gin fizz cocktail.

Vermont maple Bundt recipe by Gesine Prado
Bundt Cake with glaze


Maple sugar shines in simple cakes like this one, where Vermont maple’s rich buttery and caramel notes can take center stage. Since the swap out for granulated sugar is one-to-one, there’s no fuss for a lot of flavors. Add decadence with an easy maple cream glaze.

Vermont maple quick pickle recipe by Gesine Prado
Maple Pickle recipe


Vermont maple syrup plays well with other seasonings, like salt and vinegar, in savory dishes. It works well when quick pickling a variety of vegetables because it combines instantaneously, without wait time for sugar to melt, and it provides a sophisticated yet subtle richness that works beautifully with the acidity of the vinegar.

Vermont Fizz recipe by Genise Prado
Maple fizz recipe


Infused maple syrups are a cocktail’s best friend. They add the sweetness called for in the recipe and more, from warming spices to a kick of chili pepper without any extra work. When it comes to cocktails, Vermont maple truly makes it.


These recipes are just the beginning. Explore other innovative uses and the building blocks of cooking and baking with Vermont brands like King Arthur Baking Co. If you are looking to buy maple by the gallon visit a Vermont sugarhouse or order online with the help of the Vermont Sugar Makers’ Association.

Gesine Prado

Gesine Prado is a Vermont-based pastry chef and baking instructor, teaching from both her own school, Sugar Glider Kitchen in Hartford, VT, and King Arthur Baking Company. Prado’s sixth cookbook, Vermont Comfort, releases in 2023. Her Food Network series, Baked in Vermont, is streaming on Discovery+ and you can catch her as a main judge on Food Network’s Best Baker in America. She’s a regular contributor to the Today Show and Better Homes and Gardens.

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