Zero Gravity Craft Brewery has a diverse beer lineup available. Photograph by Dylan Griffin.

Nine Regionally Available Vermont Beers

Vermont's craft beer scene is the perfect accompaniment to making winter memories in Vermont - or to replenish the stash you brought home once you finish it. To prime your palate for Vermont’s world-class craft beers, we talked to Jeff Baker, co-author of “Burlington Brewing: A History of Craft Brewing in the Queen City,” for his regionally available Vermont craft beer picks. Stock your fridge and we'll see you soon. Cheers!

Von Trapp Beer

Vermont's flourishing craft beer scene is one of the best parts of a Green Mountain visit. Sample these beers as you look forward to making Vermont memories.

von Trapp “Helles” Lager (Stowe, VT) – Aptly named (“Helles” means “bright” in German!), this lager promises uncanny refreshment. Brewed with mountain water from the von Trapp Family’s spring and delicately hopped with floral hop varieties, this golden lager is a true crowd-pleaser. 

Long Trail “Double Bag” (Bridgewater Corners, VT)– Classic beers aren’t born every day. But when a truly special beer like Double Bag came onto the scene, it wouldn’t be long before it would earn the title. A Double Altbier, this strong malty brown ale will warm you up on a nippy New England evening. Pair it with bonfires and s’mores for bonus points. 

Catamount IPA (Windsor, VT) – The iconic Vermont brand “Catamount” has been revived at the site of the former Catamount Brewery in Windsor, VT by the Harpoon Brewing team. This new IPA recipe offers a bright, crisp, and moderately bitter expression of the Modern IPA with a nod to the classics. 

Zero Gravity “Conehead” IPA (Burlington, VT) – Vermont has become known for its juicy and hazy style of IPA and Conehead is a much-celebrated example. Brewed with a portion of wheat and hopped exclusively with Citra hops, it is lush and citrusy, with fairly low bitterness. 

Fiddlehead “Second Fiddle” Double IPA (Shelburne, VT) – For those who want to kick it up a notch (with apologies to Emeril), Second Fiddle will explode on your palate with wave after wave of hop goodness. Hazy, yet structured, fans of Vermont IPAs will rejoice from the first sip ‘til the last. 

Rock Art Brewery “Vermonster” (Morrisville, VT) – The big & burly Vermonster can warm you up from the deepest chill. At 10% ABV and 100 IBUs, this iconic Barleywine Ale is packed with malty flavors like caramel, dried figs, leather and candied orange peel. 

14th Star “Maple Breakfast Stout” (St. Albans, VT) – Nothing says Vermont more than good beer and real maple syrup! This malty Oatmeal Stout combines both, adding in cold brew coffee for an invigorating flourish. 

Halyard Brewing Co. “Nicole’s Extra” Ginger Beer (South Burlington, VT) – This gluten-free beer is inspired by the spicy and lively ginger beers of the Caribbean. Made with organic and fair-trade ingredients, this picante ginger brew will remind you of summers in the (Vermont) islands. Spike it with dark rum and a lime wedge for a New England spin on the Dark & Stormy cocktail. 

Lost Nation “Gose” (Morrisville, VT) – For fans of sour beers, this beer is a Vermont-brewed exampled of the traditional German beer style Gose (“goes-uh”). Tart, but not overly sour, it offers superior refreshment, aided by an addition of coriander and sea salt.