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As you plan your New England vacation, let these resources be your roadmap through the Green Mountain State. From booking your room to tracing your route, this page will get you started.

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Accommodations in Vermont

From rustic campgrounds nestled in the serene woods to charming bed and breakfasts with home-cooked meals exuding warmth and hospitality, Vermont’s lodging selection caters to those seeking a retreat. For a touch of elegance and luxury, Vermont boasts stately inns and world-class resorts, each providing a unique blend of comfort and sophistication to complement the picturesque surroundings.  

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Vermont welcomes visitors from many ports. Fly into the state’s small, comfortable airport or embark on a scenic train trip to witness the landscapes as they pass before large windows like a film scene. Lake Champlain’s ferry system offers a picturesque entry, while well-maintained roadways make exploring Vermont by car an inviting and flexible option, promising a journey as delightful as the destination itself.

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Getting Around

There are almost as many paths through the Green Mountains as there are travelers. Explore walkable downtowns brimming with local charm or traverse rail trails and recreation paths linking one vibrant community to the next. For those seeking adventure, driving through mountain passes and gaps unveils breathtaking vistas, offering a road trip experience that showcases the diverse beauty of Vermont’s landscapes. A network of buses and trains also connects Vermont towns and regions.  

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Planning Your Vermont Wedding

The magic of Vermont’s picturesque landscapes inspires couples from around the world to choose Vermont as a place to celebrate their wedding. Setting a date in the Green Mountain State? From vendor directories to practical guides to how to tie the knot in Vermont, here’s how to go from “Will you?” to “I do.”

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Vermont’s Year-Round Events

Vermont beckons travelers with a vibrant tapestry of fairs, festivals, and concerts. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the state at country fairs, showcasing local craftsmanship and traditional arts. Become part of the rhythm of Vermont at outdoor concerts with mountain peaks as the backdrop and at an array of festivals celebrating everything from music and dance to the bountiful harvests of the region 

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Start Planning Today

Dive into the lodging and business directory for a detailed overview of accommodations and attractions. For comprehensive trip planning information, reach out to the Vermont Department of Tourism by calling 1-800-VERMONT, where friendly experts can provide personalized recommendations and assistance. You can also reach out on Facebook or Instagram at @VermontTourism 

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Map Out Your Trip

Start planning for a memorable Vermont vacation with a free planning packet, including a road map (perfect for your glove box), an inspiration guide featuring some of the best things to do in the Green Mountain State, and information on scenic byways, food and farms, state parks, and more.

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