Historic Sites

People in reenactment clothing in a forest.
A green historic marker sign standing on a trail with autumn foliage behind.

Historic Sites in Vermont

Vermont’s historic sites and museums take visitors through the history of life in Vermont, from Indigenous history to early settlement to the state’s role in the Revolutionary War. Explore the homesteads of notable figures who’ve called the Green Mountains home, including U.S. Presidents Chester A. Arthur and Calvin Coolidge. State-owned historic sites host events that tie in Vermont history, like a day hike into Revolutionary War history, demonstrations of historic farming tools and techniques, and immersive reenactments that take visitors back in time. Vermont’s 315 roadside markers illuminate historically significant spots along byways and back roads, making it easy to connect with Green Mountain stories on a road trip or scenic drive.

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Vermont Historic Sites

The Vermont Division of Historic Preservation works to research and steward Vermont’s oldest and most historically significant places.

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