Family Friendly

Bringing the family out brings everyone closer together

Vermont, a state that takes pride in its traditions, is perfect for family vacations. Be it a midweek field trip to a museum, a getaway on the mountain, a mother-daughter shopping weekend, or a father-son hunting trip, it’s easy for a family to start their own tradition in the Green Mountains.

Historic sites, museums, and other educational centers are an impactful way to keep your kids entertained while teaching them rich state history and life lessons. Save time for some fun on the trails, for both skiing and hiking, and also to browse our downtowns for the perfect piece of Vermont to bring home.

Every season in Vermont has something for any family. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. Each season has at least one thing that leaves kids wanting more, and has each parent feeling like a kid again. Spring has the maple syrup, summer has the longer days and the outdoors, fall is the time for harvesting, great local foods - and of course, our famous fall foliage, while winter has always been the season for skiing.

Some of any child’s fondest memories with family include skiing, shopping, and going apple picking. Being amazed by the saturated hues of the beautiful fall foliage is just as special.



Get a closer look at some of Vermont's sights, like factory tour at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, or a peek at the cheesemaking process.


Family Friendly Hikes

Hiking with your family makes for memorable moments, especially if it's the first time someone makes it to a summit or scenic vista.


Explore Our Downtowns

Spring is the perfect time to explore Vermont's downtown family run storefronts. Each Vermont community offers a different shopping experience.


Gold Standard for Foliage

There's a reason why Vermont holds the gold standard for foliage season. With the most land coverage of maple trees per capita, Vermont's foliage season is the most vibrant.

farm fresh

Farm Fresh All Summer Long

We believe it’s important to know where your food comes from. Many farm stands and farmers markets are a thriving example of the movement to support fresh local foods and products. “Farm to plate” is not just a nice idea here, but a way of life.

Shelburne Orchards Pick your Own


There is no better way to assure you are getting the freshest fruits and veggies than by picking them yourself.