Vermont Craft Beer

Here's to Us, Together

Which is your favorite Vermont brew? Odds are good you and your friends have one – and if not, there's no better time to find one. Vermont’s craft beer industry is blossoming, leading the nation in breweries and brew pubs per capita and racking up honors and awards for quality and innovation. Local Vermont craft brews are menu staples statewide, and whole trip itineraries center around sampling rare beers. Be sure to pack a cooler so you can bring some home!  

The Vermont Brewers Association can connect you with brewery trails, showcasing new brewers and creating whole trips around sampling Vermont suds. For cider, spirits and wine enthusiasts, Vermont has plenty on tap, too.

Vermont Craft Brewing

The Vermont Brewers Association is your first stop for updates, information and directions to Vermont's breweries. Read about beers, find a trail to taste along, or get tickets to signature events.

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Vermont Brewers Map

Map out your trip around Vermont and make sure you hit all your dream breweries with the Vermont Brewers' Association Brewery Map. Cheers!

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Drive to Vermont

A road trip to Vermont means exploring and discovery. Find trip suggestions and maps from several major cities near Vermont here.


Vermont's craft brewers are gaining worldwide recognition, with many Vermont beers reaching icon status. Enjoy your favorite pours at signature events like Vermont Brewers' Assocation's annual Killington Brewers' Festival, held every winter.

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Free Vermont Inspiration Guide

Also available online, the Vermont Inspiration Guide is filled with insider info to steer your Vermont visit in the right direction. Start planning today and order your free package.

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Vermont's innkeepers and hotel professionals have created some of the most memorable experiences in the Northeast. There are also plenty of lodging deals to view for a savings on your upcoming visit.