Vermont Craft Beer

Here's to Us, Together

Which is your favorite Vermont brew? Odds are good you and your friends have one – and if not, there's no better time to find one. Vermont’s craft beer industry is blossoming, leading the nation in breweries and brew pubs per capita and racking up honors and awards for quality and innovation. Local Vermont craft brews are menu staples statewide, and whole trip itineraries center around sampling rare beers. Be sure to pack a cooler so you can bring some home!  

The Vermont Brewers Association can connect you with brewery trails, showcasing new brewers and creating whole trips around sampling Vermont suds. For cider, spirits and wine enthusiasts, Vermont has plenty on tap, too.

Vermont Craft Brewing

The Vermont Brewers Association is your first stop for information and directions to Vermont's breweries. Read about beers, find a trail to taste along, or get tickets to signature events.

Vermont Brewery Challenge passport.

Vermont Brewers Map

Map out your trip around Vermont and make sure you hit all your dream breweries with the Vermont Brewers' Association Brewery Map. Cheers!

Kraemer and Kin beer can label

The Ethos of Vermont Beer Labels

Vermont brewers and artists work together to elevate the craft beer experience through eye-catching, educational art on labels.

Beer Flight in Vermont


Vermont's craft breweries, wineries and cideries offer exciting atmospheres and delicious local brews and pours. As you explore Vermont, find your next favorite craft beverage stop.

Von Trapp Beer

Nine Vermont Beers to Drink

Prime your palate for Vermont's craft beers - and replenish your existing stash once you finish it - with these suggestions for a regionally available beer a day from a Vermont beer expert.

Beer being poured at a Vermont brewery

Dog-Friendly Beer Trail

Your four-legged friend might not be able to enjoy a cold one with you, but these dog-friendly Vermont breweries will allow him or her to relax beside you as you enjoy your favorite Vermont beers.

Chews and Brews along the Crossroad of Vermont Byway.

Taste Your Way Along Vermont’s Byways

Vermont’s stunning views pair perfectly with its vibrant culinary culture.

Maple Breakfast Stout

Four Craft Beers Made With Vermont Maple

Vermont craft beer and maple go hand-in-hand as two of Vermont’s most lauded exports. Combine the two by sampling these four craft brews with a maple twist.

Bread and cheese


Get a taste of Vermont at an event celebrating locally grown and made food and beverage. Mark your calendar.