Vermont Artisanal Cheese

Straight from the Farmers Who Made It

Vermont is home to more than 45 cheesemakers using milk from sheep, goats and several cow breeds, ranging from Dutch Belted to Brown Swiss and Jerseys. The variety of cheeses seems almost endless – cheddar, alpine and blues, and all their iterations. Whether the unique flavor – a hint of fresh grass or fresh basil – is due to what the cows have eaten or the inherent creativity among cheesemakers, more than 150 varieties are available. From the World Cheese Awards to the World Championship Cheese Contest, our winning cheesemakers have put Vermont on the worldwide map.

Conduct your own taste test at home with pairings from Vermont Creamery or visit farms and shops on the Vermont Cheese Trail.

Vermont Cheese-makers Brochure

Vermont Cheese Trail

The Vermont Cheese Council introduces you to more than 45 cheesemakers who produce over 150 varieties of small-batch, sheep, cow and goat specialty cheeses and have won literally scores of awards.

Cabot Cheese Recipes

Cooking With Cabot

If you're looking for cheese recipes & meal ideas, Cabot Cheese Cooperative is the place to find it. Filter by diet restrictions, time of year, meal type, and main ingredient pairing. 

Vermont Cheese Makers Festival

Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

Voted one of the top 10 Summer Food Festivals in the U.S., the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival celebrates the position of the dairy product in the state.

See Why Milk Matters Video

Milk Matters

Farm to Plate is Vermont’s food system plan. The farm and food sector improves access to healthy local food for all.

Vermont Culinary Experience - Burger night at Bread and Butter Farm.

Vermont Culinary Experiences

Vermont’s scenic roadways lead to delicious, local cuisine by artisan chefs, creative food companies and passionate farmers.This six-day itinerary offers a sumptuous smorgasbord of Vermont agrarian and food experiences. Hungry for more? More Vermont culinary tours are at DIGINVT.COM.

Dig into Vermont Cheese

Unearth Your Taste Buds

Experience the authentic taste of Vermont's cheesemakers, and more. Dig in Vermont offers places to go, things to do and culinary trails to unearth your taste buds.