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Seen from above, the sun reflects warm light on a lake and a floating boat.
People sit and talk to each other on a sailboat.

Set Sail in Vermont

For some boaters, getting out on the water is an adventure sport, made more exhilarating by the wind; for others, the lapping of the waves and the gentle rocking of the boat turn the day meditative. Whether you’re raising a mainsail and hoisting a jib or cruising around one of Vermont’s 800+ lakes and ponds on a motorboat, here’s how to get out on the water in Vermont. 

People on a pontoon boat in a lake.

Boating Laws in Vermont

Get your license or stay up to date. This guide is a helpful resource that will teach you everything from the basics to laws that are specific to Vermont.

Lake Willoughby is Vermont’s deepest lake at 328 feet.

More Vermont Facts

Boats float on a lake in between two mountains.

More Than 800 Lakes and Ponds in Vermont

From plunging northern lakes surrounded by rugged mountains to a southern river with fish aplenty, find a shore in Vermont to cast your line, dip your paddle, or just grab a book and relax with a picnic.

A sailboat on a blue lake.

Help Keep Vermont’s Lakes and Ponds Healthy

The Lakes and Ponds Management and Protection Program works to conserve and protect Vermont’s waters by monitoring invasive species and enforcing laws surrounding boat cleaning to ensure lakes and ponds stay healthy.

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The Vermont State Parks brochure is your guide to parks, amenities, activities, rentals, and how to best plan your Vermont state park visit. Order it by mail or view it online.