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Black Culture and History in Vermont

Vermont is a place unlike any other, where diverse natural beauty creates the space to slow down, look around, and simply take notice. Your days can be as full or unplanned as you like because it’s not about what you achieve or acquire, it’s about how you feel. Here freedom and unity exist together to inspire, restore, and bring you to a whole new state.

Tyrhee Moore standing in front of water with a kayak and a paddle

A Long Weekend in Stowe

Join outdoor adventurer Tyrhee Moore for a long weekend in Stowe, where he paddles at the Waterbury Reservoir, discovers Vermont’s world-class craft beer scene, and learns how to mountain bike at Trapp Family Lodge.

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3 Ways to Make the Outdoors More Inclusive

Mardi Fuller fell in love with backpacking in the late 90s in Vermont. She writes about her experience navigating the outdoors, often as one of few Black adventurers on the trail.

Four people are sitting on a log in the woods

Vermont’s Outdoor Communities Cultivate Space for BIPOC Joy

For people of color, creating space and an accepting community outdoors provides the opportunity to discover the peace, connection, and authenticity that comes with trying new activities and experiencing Vermont’s natural beauty alongside peers..

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Diversity on the Ski Slopes

The Nubian Empire Ski Club discusses the importance of diversity on the ski slopes and what can be done to make outdoor winter sports more inclusive. The club celebrates the joy they find in skiing and riding in Vermont.


Black History in Manchester

Get to know local Black legends in Manchester, read about Vermont’s history as the first colony to ban slavery, and learn how Vermont’s Shires region supports antiracism through social justice efforts in schools and the community.

Support BIPOC-Owned Businesses

While you’re here, explore the diversity of Vermont’s small-business scene and support BIPOC-owned businesses.

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Vermont is always in season and each season offers a new landscape and opportunities to enjoy the Green Mountain State the way you want.

Explore Black History

Explore Black History

The Vermont African American Heritage Trail explores the lives and stories of Black Vermonters, including those dedicated to issues of freedom and equality.

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Variety keeps things interesting and your days spent in Vermont can be as full or unplanned as you like. Your vacation awaits.

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Home to 251 towns and cities, 23 historic downtowns and a variety of scenic roads to connect one to the next, there are many ways to explore Vermont.

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Vermont’s planning resources will lead you in the right direction to plan your visit and discover something new while you are here.