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5 Ways to Enjoy Vermont Maple

Vermont maple appeals to all ages and is versatile enough to be used in any meal. There are plenty of ways for families to enjoy Vermont maple products, including educational activities, DIY culinary adventures to get kids involved in the kitchen and irresistible recipes for even the pickiest eaters. Try these five ways to make Vermont maple a kitchen staple. 

someone pouring maple syrup over pancakes

1. Use Maple for All Three Meals 
Maple isn’t just for breakfast (though we can never turn it down in the morning, either!) There are all kinds of ways to use maple throughout the year and in all kinds of recipes. Find your kids’ next favorite recipe from Vermont Maple Sugarmakers’ Association.  
2. Maple Candy at Home 
Maple candy is a confection like no other. It’s been described as similar to fudge for its creamy texture, but there’s truly nothing to which to compare this sweet Vermont treat. All you need to make it at home is real Vermont maple syrup and butter. While typically, you’ll find this sweet treat in the shape of maple leaves, snowflakes or other fun molds, you can also make it in a pan and cut it into squares once it’s set. Learn how to make it at home
3. Try a New Maple Snack Recipe 
Finding healthy products that the family will enjoy can be a challenge. So many products marketed to kids don’t score highly for nutritional value. Enter Vermont maple syrup. Our friends at Butternut Mountain Farm put together a rundown of snack recipes featuring Vermont products and makers front and center, including granola, pudding and energy balls. Find your family’s next big snack favorite

A table with bags of popcorn and two people standing behind it
4. Get Sweet and Savory Tips From the Pros 
Already into cooking - just need a little inspiration? Our partners at Dig In VT have compiled a family-friendly recipe collection using Vermont maple products. Enjoy snacks like maple popcorn, toppings like maple balsamic salad dressing and baked maple egg custard from the comfort of your home, all made with 100% pure Vermont maple. 
5. Enjoy Maple at Home 
Ever had sugar on snow? This Vermont tradition is one of the finest ways to celebrate the coming of springtime and sugaring season, turning maple syrup into a taffy-like confection in the snow. Making it is easy – all you need is Vermont maple syrup and enough snow to gather the sweet stuff. Use a fork, a spoon or toothpicks to roll the thickened maple sugar. Learn how to make it from our friends at Cabot Creamery.  Feeling extra adventurous? Give making your own syrup a try! It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make a single gallon of maple syrup, so making it on a large scale does require lots of equipment and trees. However, making a serving or two for just your family doesn’t require too much more investment than a stovepot, a few buckets and trees and a stove – and as a bonus, it gives your family lots of together time while learning a new skill outside. Learn to make maple syrup at home and sweeten up your springtime.