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Grow Local, Buy Local

It's no secret: Vermont is known for its farms. "Grow local, buy local" is an ideology we live by. We believe it's important to know where your food comes from. Many farm stands and farmers markets are a thriving example of the movement to support fresh local foods and products. "Farm to plate" is not just a nice idea here, but a way of life. Stopping by a farm stand or farmers market to pick out groceries that were harvested that day brings you back to a simpler time. It's a welcome change from the big box stores we are so accustomed to. Many of these markets take place outside, from spring to fall, and there are even farmers markets throughout winter (they're just inside, thankfully). This gives you plenty of opportunities to stop in and meet the farmer who grew your food.
Tips for visiting a farmers market


Outdoor farmers markets are a great place to sample Vermont spirits and enjoy prepared foods with the Green Mountains as a backdrop. Enjoy live music and discover other goods like pottery and jewelry while meeting growers and makers. Make the most of your experience with these tips.


Find a farmers market

Find a Farmers Market

Explore more than 70 farmers markets statewide, as well as nearby attractions for each, and start planning your localvore experience.

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Dig In Vermont

Dig into the latest in Vermont food news, events and information by checking out our official agritourism marketing partner Dig In Vermont.

Vermont farm against a winter backdrop

digin Farm Walks

Try taking a walk on a farm for a different type of outdoor experience. There are a variety of farms to choose from whether it’s a hop yard or a maple sugarbush.

Apple trees full of apples.

U-Pick'em Orchards

Picking your own apples can be a fun experience for the whole family. DigIn VT provides a map with the statewide U-Pick orchards that are available for you and your family.


Vermont's farms produce the ingredients for the delicious local food Vermont chefs are known for. They also offer opportunities to explore the state's agricultural roots and learn more about how animals are raised and food is grown. The whole family will relish the chance to explore a Vermont farm.