Water Sports

Clean Rivers, Lakes, and Streams

Recreating on the water is a fun way to spend time and cool down during the warmer months in Vermont. Vermont's lakes beckon, from Lake Champlain stretching along the western border to Lake Willoughby in the north and Spruce Lake in the southern region - and all the ponds, rivers and lakes in between. Whether you want to kayak, canoe, sail, or paddle-board, be sure to check out Vermont State Parks to find a body of water that's most appropriate for your desired activity.

Hammock by the lakeside

Choose A Waterway

Vermont has plenty of lakes, ponds and other waterways that permit a visitor to enjoy by boat. Rules and regulations apply depending on the desired waters. Vermont State Parks provides all of the information you need.

Dog sleeps next to campsite


From tent camping to a cozy lean-to or a comfortable cottage, each Vermont State Park offers different experiences. This resrouce page, provided by Vermont State Parks, breaks down the amenities list by each state park.

Fishing from a motorized boat on Lake Carmi.

Vermont Boating Laws

Get your license or stay up to date. This guide is a helpful resource that will teach you everything from the basics to laws that are specific to Vermont.

Canoeing on Kettle Pond


Kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding are great ways to get out and explore Vermont's many waterways. Learn more about paddling in Vermont.

A fly fisherman casts a line into stream.


Whether you fly fish Vermont’s creeks and streams, cast from a boat on Lake Champlain, or fish from shore, the catch of the day is always fresh.

Camping in the fall by the water


Embrace Vermont's great outdoors. Camping in Vermont means nights under the stars, cozy campfires and the chance to forge tighter bonds and escape the everyday.