Spring into Vermont

Find Things to Do and Places to Visit in Vermont

As the land thaws from its deep winter’s sleep, nature awakens—Maple sap flows through the forest, lambs and calves are born, and trees begin to bud. Locals plant their seeds for the growing season and prepare for maple festivals, farmers’ markets, and time-honored events. 

Springtime presents a wide range of weather conditions—where cool mornings turn into warm afternoons and can quickly drop to cold temperatures as soon as the sun sets over the mountain. Packing layers is highly recommended this time of year.  

In March and April, as you travel Vermont roads, you’ll often see steam piping out of a sugar shack located near the forest. This is a great time of year to tour a sugarhouse and taste maple culinary products hot off the press. The tasty treats continue with spring skiing on corn snow—this is when the snow becomes more granular due to the warmer temperatures. Ski resorts celebrate this time of year with live music and après under the sun.  

Come May and June, warmer days welcomes in a blossoming landscape that springs to life with farmers’ markets, festivals, and hiking along the trails. With daylight hours stretching from sunrise to sunset, there’s plenty of time to slow down and enjoy the scenic pastures.

100% Pure Vermont Maple

With over 3,000 sugarhouses statewide, Vermont maple products range from syrup to hot sauce, cream to ketchup, and more! Learn more about sugar making from the nation's leading distributor, Vermont.


Spring Ski and Ride

Vermont ski resorts celebrate spring with live music, sunshine, and corn snow. Pond skimming is a rite to spring in Vermont, where skiers and riders either sink or skim.

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Trip Ideas

Next-level adventures call for inspiration. We can help you plan your visit with trip ideas and itineraries that ensure you see all the best Vermont has to offer.


In the water, on a peak, exploring a trail, or sleeping under the stars, recharging your batteries doesn’t necessarily require electricity. Explore Vermont’s great outdoors.

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Think you’ve seen it all in Vermont? Think again - there's always more to discover. This collection of checklists and guides will help you find your next adventure.

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Vermont Byways

The best way to experience Vermont is to leave the highways and travel the secondary roads. Visit historic downtowns and stop wherever catches your eye. Adventure is calling.

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Hyperlocal outdoor dining, a historic writers’ trail around Brattleboro, a “How to Be a Vermonter” hands-on stay, and more await this spring in Vermont. See what’s growing on.

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Hope Springs Up

April in Vermont is a hopeful time, with baby animals, longer days and warmer weather. This spring, find more of the Vermont activities we love.

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Free Vermont Inspiration Guide

Vermont’s annual Inspiration Guide contains trip planning resources including itineraries, regional attractions, and a comprehensive directory. Order your free package and start planning today.

Statewide Events Calendar

Concerts, festivals, theatre, and many more large and small events are happening all over the state. See upcoming events and start planning.

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Vermont is home to unique lodging, world-class recreation, local food, shopping, history and art in beautiful surroundings. Plan your trip with our directory.