A Serious Skiing State

Experience a Thrilling Winter Adventure

It’s a special time to be in Vermont. With 20 alpine ski resorts, 30 cross-country touring centers and 7,300 acres of alpine terrain, this is a skier’s paradise. Even if you don’t ski or ride, there’s plenty to do to keep the family together and having fun.

Snowshoeing is a perfect substitute for enjoying the outdoors while getting in a good work-out. Find a Vermont State Park that meets your needs. For you thrillseekers, try snowmobiling. For those that are new to this recreational form of transportation, there is nothing like the adrenaline you get from maneuvering a 600-pound machine through turns, around trees, and over the terrain.

Ice fishing is another hot activity during the cold months. Fishing over frozen bodies of water gives the angler a unique advantage of fishing off-shore without a boat. With many of Vermont's waters open for ice fishing season, the choices are abundant.

If winter is not your favorite season for being outside, that’s ok. You’re not alone. Add some warmth to your winter with music, theater, and dance performances or treat yourself at one of Vermont’s award-winning spas. You deserve this.

No matter which activity you choose to take part in this winter, warm your soul and clear your thoughts by connecting with the natural world around you in Vermont.

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Even if you don’t ski, there are ways the whole family can get out into Vermont’s snowy wonderland.

ice fishing

Ice Fishing

Whether you're fishing a Lake Champlain bay, or a smaller body of water that is found off the beaten path, ice fishing is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors during the cold winter months.

ski and ride

Ski & Ride

See what makes Vermont the gold standard in Skiing and Riding the East.

Snowmobilers riding on VAST trails.


Experience the magic of Vermont's winter highways. With well-marked trails, easy access to fuel stops, food and accommodations you'll never want to travel off path.


Spa and Relaxation

Take time to relax indoors, too. Vermont has top notch spas, wellness centers and outdoor retreats throughout the state


Winter Camping

Camping in the winter brings a sense of calmness, that can only be replicated by such quiet brought on by solitude in the wilderness.

Official Vermont Vacation Guide Summer 2020

Free Vermont Vacation Guide

Also available online, the Vermont Vacation Guide is filled with insider info to steer your Vermont visit in the right direction.

Natasha Bogar at Bolton Cobrass, Bolton, VT.


In addition to the stunning vistas and exhilarating skiing and riding found on Vermont’s slopes, our state’s ski resorts and communities also offer a cultural immersion into the arts.

Single chair at Mad River Glen in Waitsfield, Vermont.


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