Indulge in Vermont Chocolates


When people think Vermont, they generally think of maple syrup as the best Vermont made product. We’re not here to agree or disagree, by any means. However, chocolatiers in Vermont have been providing the state with delicious treats for a long time. There’s even a whole Chocolate Barn in Shaftsbury for this sweet confection. Did you know that Brinn Chocolates originated in Vermont?

From Lake Champlain Chocolates to The Chocolatorium, there are many chocolate shops throughout the state for you to make a quick stop for a delicious treat. Even if you have a food allergy, our friends at Vermont Nut Free Chocolates guarantee safe gourmet chocolates making it relatively easy to enjoy chocolate from Vermont. Now that you’re Sweet on Vermont, come treat yourself.

Lake Champlain Chocolates Truffles on Tray

Vermont's Edible Specialty

Spoil yourself with some of the state's special treats. Chocolates, spirits, wine, cheese, beer, and more have put Vermont on the culinary map and there's a good selection of those artisans on our travel planner.

Vermont Culinary Experience - Burger night at Bread and Butter Farm.

Vermont Culinary Experiences

Vermont’s scenic roadways lead to delicious, local cuisine by artisan chefs, creative food companies and passionate farmers.This six-day itinerary offers a sumptuous smorgasbord of Vermont agrarian and food experiences. Hungry for more? More Vermont culinary tours are at DIGINVT.COM.



Some of Vermont’s tours and experiential visits seem tailor-made for children. Try a factory tour at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream for a bird’s-eye view of the production room and get a taste of the flavor of the day.

farmers markets

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are great for the family! Each market has its own unique feel, but many of them offer entertainment for children.


100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Vermonters are proud of their sugarmakers and the products they make. Maple syrup is all-natural and made by a very simple process; but that doesn't mean it's easy!

Shelburne Orchards Pick your Own


There is no better way to assure you are getting the freshest fruits and veggies than by picking them yourself.


Get Outdoors

From skiing and riding in winter, to time spent on our waterways and recreation trails in warmer months, outdoor enthusiasts can always find an activity that fits them.