Vermont is Very Much Open

Middlebury Falls, James Hope, Circa 185—59. Collection of Henry Sheldon Museum.

Walking Tours

Learn how buildings and the landscape tell stories of the past

A great way to get to know Vermont is by exploring its many historic towns and villages. Whether located near a waterfall that was employed as an early source of energy, like Bellows Falls, or situated near abundant natural resources,  like the slate belt town of Poultney--these towns' stories are captured forever in their buildings, streetscapes and landscapes. Here are some of the communities that have developed walking tours, pod casts, and local driving tours to share their unique history. 

Granite statue honoring Scottish poet, Robbie Burns


Stroll downtown Barre to unearth a fascinating history shaped by the many facets of the granite industry. Visitors will discover stately buildings and a variety of historic and contemporary granite sculptures that illustrate the town's industrial past and its present support for arts and culture.

Walking tour of the Burlington Waterfront.


Vermont’s largest city is located on the wide harbor of Lake Champlain--a body of water that influenced early commerce in this thriving lake port. Take a walking tour of the Burlington Waterfront to understand this vibrant past – and enjoy the equally colorful present.

Middlebury Walking Tours


Middlebury College architectural historian Glenn Andres authored this captivating and extensive tour of the towns of Middlebury and East Middlebury, as well as Middlebury College and its mountain campus in nearby Ripton.



Straddling the waterfalls of the Otter Creek in the Champlain Valley, Vergennes is the smallest and oldest chartered city in Vermont, and the third oldest in New England. Architectural gems, an ample falls basin, and the town’s streetscape illustrate Vergennes’ history in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and turn-of-the-century industry.

A prominent Civil War monument graces the center of Brandon.


Each of the homes, inns, monuments, churches and shops of the historic village illustrates an aspect of Brandon's 250 year history. From politics to religion, learn about Brandon's role in national issues of the day.